Establishment of a DFG-Priority Program under Leadership of our Research Center Member Johannes Gescher

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is establishing new Priority Programs (SPP), which will start in 2025 and will initially be funded for three years with a total of around 72 million euros. The Research Center Biobased Processes and Reactor Technologies is also represented with the topic "Productive Biofilm Systems".
The aim of the priority program is to lay the biological and process engineering foundations for more sustainable production in the future - for example in the chemical industry. Continuous biofilm-operated processes should help to produce basic and fine chemicals with low energy consumption and in continuous long-term operation. Carbon dioxide will also play a role here as a substrate, so that CO2-negative processes can also be developed.
The focus coordinator and Research Center member, Prof. Johannes Gescher states: "Biofilms are the natural growth form of microorganisms on our planet and yet only play a subordinate role in bioprocess engineering. The reason for this is that they are less well understood in application and biofilm reactor concepts for biotechnology are not well established. The priority program aims to close this knowledge gap."

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