Your Bachelor's or Master's studies at TU Hamburg: Applications are open until July 15.


Information for prospective students

Does the school-leaving certificate from my home country entitle me to study in Germany?

You can check whether your school-leaving certificate entitles you to study in Germany using the database of the German Academic Exchange Service:

Are there any language requirements?

The specializations are either purely English-language or bilingual German-English. Accordingly, either only English language skills or German and English language skills must be proven.

All language certificates required for application and enrollment, as well as accepted certificates, are listed here.

What are the consequences of not providing proof of German language skills for application or enrollment?

According to § 7 FSPO, all students with examination regulations from 2022/23 and later must demonstrate appropriate German language skills upon enrollment. If they do not do so, they have to take the non-technical course “German as a Foreign Language for International Studies” (four credit points, IBH) as part of their studies.

Moreover, if no German language skills are provided, ES students can only choose between English specializations in the enrollment process. It is possible, though, to obtain and submit the German language certificates later.

How can I prepare for the study program?

To test your knowledge and prepare for the study program in mathematics, informatics, natural science, and technology, the Hamburg universities offer free orientation tests and online courses at In addition, TUHH offers special preparation courses for international students.

Where can I find more information on the application process?

The most important information concerning application and admission is summarized in this brochure (PDF). Besides, step-by-step instructions on how to apply are provided here.

Information for incoming students

Who do I contact as an international student when I need help and support?

The first point of contact for international students is the International Office. Their team is available for you in person during office hours: Mondays 10.00-12.30 am. and Thursdays 01.00-03.00 pm. Further details on contact and time can be found here.

Are there special offers for incoming international students?

TUHH offers the integration program Welcome@TUHH, designed to support you with special activities and events upon arrival, helps you get a good start at TUHH, and connects you with local students. Of particular importance are thereby the Welcome weeks.

The AStA (General Students' Committee) and the International Office of TUHH also offers the brochure Your First Steps In Hamburg for incoming international students.

Does TUHH offer German courses for incoming students?

There is a wide range of German courses on different levels, from an intensive three-week online German course to courses held during the semester. Detailed information on all offers can be found on the TUHH and Welcome@TUHH pages.

Information on your studies

Where can I find additional information on the basic and advanced internships?

All important information on the mandatory internships, including a series of FAQs, is provided on separate web pages for the basic internship and the advanced internship.

When do I need to choose a specialization?

You have to choose your specialization once you want to register for the first exam of that specialization. The first exams of the specialization are scheduled for the 3th or 4th semester.

It is possible to submit the German language certificates later and change the specialization?

Yes, this is possible. In order to change from an English-language specialization to a bilingual specialization, proof of sufficient German language skills must be submitted to STUDIS by March 15 or September 15. Then, according to § 5 para. 3 FSPO, an informal application can be submitted to the examination office for a change of specialization. This application is to be approved if, within the currently still valid specialization, there is a maximum of one examination that has not been passed. Otherwise, approval is only possible if there are important reasons and no significant extension of the study time is to be expected.