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Career tips for women

Despite an increasing proportion of female students at universities, women are still underrepresented, especially in science, technology and engineering courses.

We have compiled a number of organizations and platforms that support female students and graduates in STEM degree programs with career entry and planning.

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Start your own business?

Or perhaps you have very specific ideas that you would like to implement in your own company?

There are numerous initiatives and organizations in Hamburg, which support you in the preliminary considerations and the first steps and look for ways of financing together with you.

For students at Hamburg's universities, these contact points are particularly recommended:

Start-up Dock

As a startup center, Startup Dock has been promoting innovative startups from the university sector since 2013. The origin lies at the TU Hamburg. Together with TUHH, Startup Dock is part of the beyourpilot project and the Startup Port association.

It offer a full service program for early stage startups. The teams benefit from individual consulting, workshops, events and the network into the Hamburg university and startup scene as well as to relevant companies.


Hamburg's largest universities and DESY have joined forces to promote and support the start-ups of scientists even better and more effectively with the beyourpilot platform. Those interested in founding a company in the university sector will find a central access point to the start-up support units of all participating institutions. In addition to advice and information, beyourpilot also offers workshops for those interested in founding a company, such as the online workshop series "Gründungstoolbox" ("Founding Toolbox").

Hamburg Chamber of Crafts

You have an ingenious business idea and need a production or service company for it? Why not take over an established craft business?

The succession guides of the Hamburg Chamber of Skilled Crafts support you in finding the right takeover company. They introduce you to companies, accompany your takeover process and advise you on all important topics (business plan, financing, etc.).

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Job orientation and job entry

Good career planning means exploring possible industries, fields of work, and employers early on, as well as exploring yourself.

The Career Center team is happy to support you in your self-exploration through

Please feel free to contact us:

E-Mail: career.service(at)tuhh(dot)de

Phone: +49 40 42878 4424


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Job orientation

If you are still unsure where and how you want to work after graduation, these suggestions and questions will help you:

First of all, compile what strengths, competencies, skills and qualifications you have acquired so far in school and studies, voluntary work, further education, through hobbies or family responsibilities, stays abroad, etc.

Collect all the information about yourself in a document or folder. What do you find out about yourself? Which topics or desires come up again and again?


Get to know yourself

  • What specifically did you learn in your studies?
  • What were/are your main areas of study?
  • What interests you in particular?
  • Which languages do you speak?
  • What practical experience have you already had?
  • What special projects have you already carried out together with others, for example?

Also very personal:

  • What values are important to you?
  • What of these should also be reflected in your professional life?

What ideas do you have about your future working life?

  •  What should the working environment look like?
  •  Would you like to work in an international environment?
  •  Would you like to travel?
  •  Do you prefer to work in a team or alone?
  •  Do working hours play a role?
  •  What is important to you and what is unimportant?
  •  What impression do they have of your skills and competencies?
  •  What can you glean from job advertisements? What information do you get about the activities and areas of responsibility? What qualifications are they looking for?

Then analyze what information you are still missing. What would you like to know more about? Who can help you further?


It is important that you choose an activity that you enjoy. And still the best way to find out whether an activity or a company really suits you is to try it out!

That's why we have compiled information and tips for you in the "Practical experience/internships" section.

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Hamburg Welcome Portal

On the page Hamburg Welcome Portal you will find a lot of useful information about the like: Working in Hamburg, Job Portals, Industry Sectors, Working Conditions, Internships, Application and so on.

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