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Research Funding

Our scientists acquire signifcant funding for their research projects from different funding sources, e.g. the German Science Foundation, German Federal Ministeries, European funding and industrial partners. An overview of German funding agencies can be found here. The TUHH regularly informs on the research projects in the research report (German only) and in the future in the new research information system TORE.

Future important and strategic fields can receive an additional support by TUHH and  the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Current calls for proposals can be found here.

Internal Funding

Within the TUHH there are different possibilities to support research projects:

I3 Program

I3 Program

The I3 program is a central component of the TUHH's growth. I3 (pronounced eye-cube) stands for "Interdisciplinarity and Innovation in the Engineering Sciences". The aim of this program is to identify new interdisciplinary projects and to promote them through internal start-up funding to such an extent that the projects can subsequently acquire external funding, be it from the DFG, the EU or in the form of federal funds. Ideally, this will also enable the early recognition of emerging nuclei for future research priorities at the TUHH. The I3 program is designed to be competitive and is divided into three lines with different framework conditions.

Overview of the projects




Instrument Research Initiative

Research Initiative (FI)

  • A "Research Initiative" (FI) instrument will be introduced to facilitate and make visible new research topics at the TUHH or with the participation of external partners from science or industry in a short period of time. The aim is to create short-term, topical research alliances at the TUHH or under the leadership of the TUHH
  • FI arises bottom-up from the circle of scientists at the TUHH with an innovative (interdisciplinary) concept. External partners from the Hamburg metropolitan region and beyond are explicitly desired (but not necessary). The number of members: at least 4 members of the TUHH + external participants
  • The Research Initiative (FI) is presented and discussed in the ASPF. ASPF decides on the establishment of the FI, the chairperson of the ASPF informs the Academic Senate
  • FI is listed on the TUHH research pages (description of content, partners)
  • FI spokesperson creates a separate homepage under the TUHH domain
  • Participating deaneries are recommended to mention the research initiative on their homepages
  • FI will be continued for a maximum of 3 years
  • The spokesperson of the FI reports annually to the ASPF on progress
  • It is expected that the FI applies for (external) funding (I3 program, state excellence initiative or similar, founds DFG research group, GraKo, SFB, BMWI cluster, industry...) after 2-3 years at the latest.
  • In the event of particular success (e.g. continuous third-party funding, involvement of other institutions), the FI becomes a long-term institution (at the TUHH or beyond) such as a "Center for XXX" or a "Consortium" (here the participation of other universities/institutions outside the TUHH is desired).
  • After approx. 3 years, the FI submits a short final report to the ASPF and is usually dissolved.


Current research initiatives at the TUHH

Calls for Transfer (C4T)

Calls for Transfer (C4T)

The "Calls for Transfer" (C4T) programme, funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Equality (BWFG) of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, is strengthening the realization of innovative findings, concepts or technologies from Hamburg universities for the third time.

Plastic recycling, sustainable palm oil, vertical building explorations with drones, active ageing, immersive locomotion in virtual worlds, cyber forensics on blockchains or even brain-machine interfaces: topics that initially seem unrelated come together seamlessly in the C4T format. Despite diverse disciplines and approaches, C4T funding unites project ideas that provide innovative and multifaceted answers to the urgent question of how we want to live in the future.

In order to transfer economically effective or socio-cultural concepts out of the university and into industry or society, there is often a lack of financial resources. As a result, promising ideas, inventions and smaller research projects often remain in the drawers of researchers. The "Calls for Transfer" (C4T) program launched in summer 2018 under the project management of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) specifically addresses this problem and promotes the transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology at Hamburg's state universities by initially supporting project applications with up to EUR 30,000. The funding amount can be used flexibly in terms of content and form so that the project plans can be driven forward in an implementation-oriented manner.

Active implementation is carried out by the project coordinator Hamburg Innovation GmbH (HI), which, as a long-standing interface manager between science and industry, not only skillfully masters all challenges of knowledge and technology transfer, but also networks different partners in a targeted manner.

The HI team is looking forward to numerous project ideas and will be happy to answer any questions you may have: To HI-Webseite.

ECIU Researcher Mobility Fund @ TUHH

ECIU Researcher Mobility Fund of the TUHH
Contact persons at the TUHH: Dr. Krista Schölzig and Nicole Frei
Application information

External Funding

External funding for research projects can be obtained at different levels:

  • DFG Funding Atlas
  • State Funding: C4T, state research funding
  • Federal Funding: BMBF, BMWK, AiF, Bundesämter, ...
  • EU Funding: ERC Grants, EU Calls


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Irina Smirnova