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Batch Tools

Customer Relationship Management for Startup Support
Supported by the BMWK , we are developing a CRM at the Startup Dock of the Technical University of Hamburg together with the software development company ViperDev that is specifically tailored to the needs of startup centers, startup incubators and accelerator programs.
The goal of Batch Tools is to map and document the entire process of startup support - from the initial contact/application of startups to concrete support and tracking of relevant metrics.
Hilko Aikens is available to answer questions.


Startup Dock INTIE

Academic management of the program among others Prof. Dr. Christian Lüthje - Head of the TUHH Institute for Innovation Marketing


Startup Port Article:



Makers of Tomorrow

TUHH is partner university of the program




The first semester ends on 28.02.
Participants can still complete the online course incl. certificate until then and (in all likelihood from April 2022) start the second MoT semester.

Interested students can request the access code at

Participants who do not acquire the certificate before 28.2. will restart in the second MoT semester and can catch up on the online course.