Learn a language at TUHH

Welcome to the pages of the language offers at TUHH.

From language courses to language cafés: TUHH offers numerous opportunities to learn various foreign languages and German as a foreign language.

Language courses at TUHH

Overview of the language courses offered at TUHH according to groups of TUHH members as well as information on credit points.

Language Program in Cooperation with VHS

The Hamburger Volkshochschule offers courses in English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Arabic, Korean and German as a Foreign Language on the campus on behalf of TUHH.

German language courses for Students in international degree programs (in cooperation with IBH e.V.)

Each semester TUHH offers German language courses for students in international degree programs ( English-language Master's programs and the Bachelor's program Engineering Science/Advanced Materials, Data Science) on different levels.

German as a foreign language

International students and employees of the TUHH can acquire and improve their German language skills at different levels. Here you will find an overview of all TUHH offers.

Culture, Literature and Science

This course is designed for international and German students and invites them to explore cultural aspects at the intersections of technology, natural sciences and humanities.

Language Cafés

Improve language skills in an informal atmosphere. An offer from students for students.

Tandem Language Exchange

Two people with different native languages meet to help each other learn the other language.

Please note that TUHH offers only language courses to its students. As an applicant please refer to this page


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