Learning German at the TUHH

General information

TUHH is offering a variety of language courses on different levels. Detailed information about the courses and granting of credit points are given here.

Intensive / Preliminary Courses

For new students joining international Master’s study programs we offer a preliminary course ahead of the winter semester. The course will be offered in cooperation with our partner Interkulturelle Bildung Hamburg (IBH e.V.)

For exchange students from partner universities and in special programs we offer a preliminary course ahead of the winter semester.

In summer, the TUHH and its cooperation partner Interkulturelle Bildung Hamburg (IBH e.V.) run German language summer courses totaling 100 hours.

Courses held during the semester for all TUHH-members

The TUHH holds courses in German as a Foreign Language during the semester for all students and members of faculty. These are classroom courses with e-learning units. For more information please check here.

A course in Literature and Culture and a supplementary bridging course are held for all interested international students. Works by major German-language writers are read and current topics are discussed in terms of their cultural content. The result is a forum of the cultures that cross each other’s paths at the TUHH. Drama performances, films, exhibitions, lectures and discussion groups give an additional stimulus to the dialog.

For students in international Master’s study programs

For students taking international Master’s study programs special mandatory German courses for master’s students are held during the semester.
Please keep in mind:
Only the special German courses for master´s students and the course “Literatur und Kultur” will be credited for master students! Please check here for more information.

Language counseling German

Ms. Uta Bories, a long experienced lecturer in German as a Foreign Language (DaF), advises on all questions regarding the improvement and certification of German language skills (e.g. courses within and outside the TUHH, online offers, tests).

Please find the registration link here.

Language Cafés

Weekly Language Cafés in German take place in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, supervised and run by native speakers on a voluntary basis. In addition to improving language skills, the project serves to network German and international students and offers a platform for intercultural learning and exchange outside the curriculum.

Intercultural Language Learning

Living abroad and studying in a foreign language inevitably leads to intercultural misunderstandings, which can also have linguistic causes. Perhaps the appropriate vocabulary is missing, perhaps conventions are different or words have culturally different meanings. The workshops support international students in recognising linguistic misunderstandings, understanding their causes and finding possible strategies to be able to act appropriately.