Taking a Sabbatical Semester

If you are either unable or unwilling to attend lectures in the next semester, you may take time out from your studies. The maximum number of sabbatical semesters is two (one during Bachelors studies and one during Masters studies). The application form for a sabbatical could be found here (PDF). But first apply for the sabbatical and then remit the semester fee! Remit the semester fee in any case. If we have to refuse your application we will get in contact with you immediately.

Please keep in mind that there is no automatical registration for exams during sabbatical semesters. If you would like to pass exams during your sabbatical semester you have to make a registration at the Self Service Functions. Even during a sabbatical you must continue to pay the semester fee. Please bear in mind that no financial support through BAföG will be given during a sabbatical. For further information please contact Studierendenwerk Hamburg. Other cash benefits can be regarded by a sabbatical semester, too. Please contact the responsible authority.

For more information please refer to the German version of this website.