Ongoing Events Program

Please note that no ECTS points can be credited for our trainings and workshops. 

Ongoing: Language Cafe@TUHH

You can join the Language Café groups at any time in the semester


July 2024

Information Session Accommodation: Fri, July 19, 6 pm

We will inform you about how to find accommodation in Hamburg.

Building A, room 0.14

Canoeing tour for international students: Sun, July 21

Registration fee: 4 €

Please send an email to rooms-tutors(at)tuhh(dot)de for registration by 10 July 2024. Places are limited.

Relaxing YOGA workout: Thu, 23 July, 4.15-6.15 pm.

Join us to learn some usefull asanas to help you to relief stress in the examination time.No prior knowledge required. Registration required.


June 2024

Interkulturelles Deutschtraining - Sprechweise: Wed, June 5, 1.15-2.15 pm.


Welche Signale senden wir, wenn wir laut oder leise, schnell oder langsam sprechen? Was sagt unsere Körpersprache über uns aus und warum kann all das zu interkulturellen Missverständnissen führen? (in German only)

Registration on StudIP

Room A 0.14

Language Cafés on the move: Wed, June 5, 2 - 4 pm.

At language cafés on the move, we take you to different places in Hamburg. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, practise different languages and explore the city together. 

Please register

Welcome Chat Room: Thur, June 13, 6-8 pm

Tutors give the tips & tricks and useful preparation strategies for surviving exams!

No registration required.

Join us on zoom.

Meeting-ID: 814 6936 423
Kenncode: 232660

ArtRoom Project: "We are one" - Fr, June 14, 6-9 pm

Ideas about places of longing in harmonious coexistance. Landscapes of the soul: Munch, Kirkeby, Gauigain. Interested to discover your favourite landscape? Just join us.

Please register.

Excursion to Bremen: Sat, June 15

Join our day trip to Bremen and explore the city with us. The participation fee of 11 € includes a guided city tour and lunch. Places are limited. 

Please register.

Interkulturelles Deutschtraining - Alltagssprache: Wed, June 19, 1.15-2.15 pm.


Warum unterscheidet sich die gesprochene Alltagssprache vom geschriebenen Deutsch, welche Wörter stehen nicht im Wörterbuch und warum ist Alltagssprache oft so schwer zu verstehen? (in German only)

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Room A 0.14

ArtRoom Project: "We are one" - Fr, June 21 6-9 pm.

Ideas about places of longing in harmonious coexistance. Landscapes of the soul: Munch, Kirkeby, Gauigain.

Interested to discover your favourite landscape? Just join us.

Please register.

Intercultural Training - Communication across Cultures: Sat, June 22, 10 am. - 5 pm.

Communication across Cultures

Learn more about the importance of understanding other cultures, and developing of better intercultural arwareness.
Seats are limited. 

Registration required.

Interkulturelles Deutschtraining - Digitale Kommunikation: Wed, June 26, 1.15-2.15 pm.

Digitale Kommunikation

Wie kommunizieren wir auf dem Smartphone? Was macht das mit unserer Sprache und warum können Emoticons Missverständnisse auslösen? (in German only)

Registration on StudIP

Room A 0.14

Language Cafe@TUHH presents: Chat & Chill - Wed, June 26, 5 pm.

Meet new people and chat in different languages in a relaxed, easygoing atmosphere.

AStA Cafe, Building A

"Keeping an open mind: communicating effectively in confrontational situations" - Wed, June 26,2.30-6.30 pm.

- Workshop in Englisch -

You will become a facilitator for a respectful and non-violent communication by gaining skills and techniques for creative problem solving, regulating emotions and conflict resolution strategies. In the workshop non-violent communication approaches according to Rosenberg (GFK) and other creative problem-solving methods will be applied. (Further Info below)  

The workshop is open for all TUHH students.

Places are extremely limited.

Please register.


Keeping an Open Mind and Heart at TUHH: Communicating Effectively in Confrontational Times

Wars, climate change, AI - there is currently no shortage of topics that get people worried. When people feel threatened, openness and tolerance diminish; conspiracy theories are nurtured in spaces of fear, and conflicts, xenophobia, and other forms of discrimination increase.

What can be done to counter hate speech? What options are there for responding to discriminatory behavior? How can I continue to respect the human being behind the argument (and prevent becoming disrespectful or derogative myself) when talking to people who think very differently from me politically? 

The ability to deal with conflicts in confrontational times requires empathy, prespective-taking, emotion regulation and creative problem-solving. The central aim of the workshop is therefore to strengthen these skills. Cultural knowledge and personal resources for dealing with conflicts are reflected upon and applied to individual cases and experiences. The approaches of non-violent communication (NVC) according to Rosenberg are applied to everyday communication challenges. Theoretical input, exercises, self-reflection and exhange between the particiapants alternate in the interactive workshop.

Art Exhibition "Behind the Moon": 19. April-30. June

Paintings and objects created during the ArtRoom workshops in 2023/24 will be shown.
Just join the show (with snacks and drinks) to marvel at the works and exchange views with fellow students and artists!

Opening: 19.04.2024 / 5 pm

Location: on Campus, Building A/ Foyer