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End of the submission deadline for the following meetings of the doctoral committee:  

Wednesday 22.05.2024 12.00 h

Wednesday 05.06.2024 12.00 h

Doctoral Degrees


General Information

The Doctoral Degree Regulations (Promotionsordnung) describe in detail the requirements and the application procedure to study for a doctorate at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH).

The TUHH awards the following doctoral degrees:


Dr. rer. pol.

Dr. rer. nat.

Section 3 of the Doctoral Degree Regulations lists the special academic requirements for completing a doctoral degree.

You must first find a supervisor to supervise your dissertation. Then contact the person of your choice directly. A listing of the deaneries can be found here.

The next step is to send the application for admission to the doctoral program to the doctoral committee of the TUHH (the form can be found on the "applications and instructions" page).
If you intend to submit a cumulative dissertation, please note that only publications in which all co-authors have confirmed their predominant collaboration in writing on the form provided can be considered. A predominant contribution is deemed to exist if more than 50% of the scientific contribution can be attributed to you. We recommend obtaining confirmation from the co-authors at an early stage, preferably when the publication is accepted.

After the presentation in the office of the Dean of Studies you submit the dissertation along with the Application to Inaugurate Doctoral Degree Proceedings (the form can be found on the "applications and instructions" page).

An overview of all instructions, applications and cover sheets, the affidavit, the model resumé for your dissertation and other documents can be found under the menu item "applications and instructions".

For information about the application procedure for admission to study for a doctorate see Section 4 of the Doctoral Degree Regulations and the Application Procedure to Inaugurate Doctoral Degree Proceedings in Section 5 of the Doctoral Degree Regulations.

The doctoral committee has passed a resolution on the recognition of digital documents in the doctoral process. In the resolution you will find a list of documents that can be submitted digitally to Examination Office - Doctoral Affairs and will be sent digitally by the doctoral committee.  (Download resolution PromA digital documents)

The Technical University of Hamburg has adopted an agreement for the supervision of doctoral students of the TUHH in February 2022. The supervision agreement can be found here: Supervision Agreement


Examination Office - Doctoral Affairs
(open consultation hours from 15.05.2024 Wednesdays 9:30h to 11:30h)
!! No consultation hours on 29.05.24 and 12.06.2024 !!!

Contact person:

Friederike Freund - Responsible for doctoral procedures last name A-K ( Availability from Tuesday to Thursday )

Britta Thies - Responsible for doctoral procedures last name L-Z ( Availability from Monday to Wednesday )

Contact details via the menu item Contact:

For the submission of documents, dissertation, advice etc. we offer open consultation hours from 15.05.2024 on Wednesdays from 9:30h to 11:30h. 
!! No consultation hours on 29.05.24 and 12.06.2024 !!!


Procedure for Prospective Doctoral Degree Students with a Foreign Degree

Prior to admission to study for a doctorate, the foreign degree must first be deemed equivalent to a German university degree.

Please contact the Examination Office - Doctoral Affairs, bringing with you your application documents and copies of your master’s and bachelor’s degree certificates in the original language along with any other appropriate certificates.

Enrollment certificate 

You have the option of downloading a certificate of enrollment in “Tune” after you have been admitted to doctoral studies. To do this, please log in via the homepage (- Hamburg University of Technology (tuhh.de) select the role “Student” then via - My studies > Student services > Notifications tab > right-hand side - select “Certificate of enrollment for doctoral candidates”.

If you do not yet have an account in TUNE (as an employee, student or doctoral candidate), please contact the computing center and ask for the appropriate access. servicedesk+tune(at)tuhh(dot)de

Enrollment to study for a doctorate

In the interim prior to admission you may enroll to study for the purpose of academic further education. This enrollment category is limited to two semesters. For both categories there is an upper income limit based on the fellowship allowance of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for doctoral fellowships. Please contact study(at)tuhh(dot)de in this matter.


Click here for the TUHH’s Habilitation Regulations