How can you continue?

You have dropped out of your studies and are not continuing them at another university?

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Ending your studies / deregistration

If you no longer want to continue your studies at the TUHH you will need to apply for deregistration.

You will find the application form here.

Please read the instructions below and send the completed and signed application to the Student Services by post or e-mail or drop the application in the letterbox at building E (entrance I). The TUHH will send you the deregistration certificate by post approx. 1-2 weeks after receipt of the application at the TUHH. The exmatriculation certificate serves as proof of your periods of study at TUHH and will be required later for pension insurance. Therefore, keep the original in a safe place.

In principle, exmatriculation is possible on any date within a semester for which the re-registration was made. Backdated deregistration is excluded.

Please note that the TUHH exmatriculates all students automatically who have not re-registered for the next semester, i.e. have not paid the semester fee. Deregestration then takes place on 31.03 for the end of a winter semester or on 30.09 for the end of a summer semester. The official notification of exmatriculation due to lack of re-registration is sent out with a time delay. (Beginning of May for exmatriculations as of 31.03., beginning of November for exmatriculations as of 30.09.).

Exmatriculation upon passing the final examination:
In principle, you do not have to apply for exmatriculation yourself because you have passed your final examination. This is done automatically at the end of the semester in which you received/will receive your certificate. If you need a certificate of deregistration before the end of the semester, you can also exmatriculate yourself at any time using the application form above. The deregistration has no effect on the issuing of the certificate. If you apply for exmatriculation but your degree has not yet been submitted to the Examinations Office, you will automatically receive a corrected form of the exmatriculation certificate with the graduation date entered at a later date.

Exmatriculation in the case of an examination that has been definitively failed:
Exmatriculation takes place ex officio, i.e. you do not have to apply for it separately. As soon as the deadline for appealing the grade decision of the Examination Office with the notification of the final failure has expired, you will be deregistered by the Student Services. If you wish to deregister before then, this is possible upon application.

Note for calling up certificates after de-registration
After deregistration you will have access to the TUHH-Computer Center-account for a maximum period of 6 months. Certificates can be downloaded from the TUNE portal for a period of six months after de-registration. For future use you should print necessary documents like enrolment certificates or transcripts of records within this period. After the expiration of this term confirmations or certificates have to be paid. After this period has expired, please contact the responsible Examination Office for examination matters and the Student Services (STUDIS) for study matters.

You won't be able to continue your studies due to, for example, child education?
In the following instances you are entitled to deregister for a limited period and reregister at a later date:

  • Military or alternative civilian service
  • Maternity / Paternity leave or home care
  • Study abroad

The legal basis is "Satzung über das Studium an der TUHH". But please get in contact with STUDIS before applying for such kind of deregistration.

Study finished. What next?
Click here for information about reregistering after completing your degree course.