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Reconstructing the bottom topography from measurements of wave heights

Correctly placing hydropower plants in a river is one of many examples where good knowledge of the bottom topography, also called bathymetry, is needed. While direct measurement of the bathymetry is possible, for example with a side scan sonar operated by a boat or an underwater remotely operated vehicle, this is very time consuming and expensive. Therefore, methods that can infer the bathymetry from the easier to measure surface height of the water are attractive.

(June 2024)



Research @ TUHH


Research @ TUHH

The TUHH is a young and dynamic technical university with around 100 professors and 7,800 students. It is anchored in excellent basic and applied research and thus radiates into the Hamburg metropolitan region and beyond.

In many national and international research networks, our scientists create the basis for answers to technological and social challenges with new basic knowledge, or contribute directly to new solutions with engineering applications.

Based on the realisation that innovations and new approaches to solutions often emerge at the boundary between disciplines, the research structure of TUHH is designed to promote interdisciplinary cooperation among scientists. For this reason, the structure is not dictated by faculties or departments, but instead research is organised into five research fields. The research fields address important scientific, social and particularly relevant topics for Hamburg.

Within these research fields, further substructures support a lively and differentiated research environment.

The TUHH sees itself as an engine of innovation. It actively promotes dialogue between companies and scientists, especially in the Hamburg metropolitan region. Knowledge transfer to industry, business and civil society are important elements in TUHH's actions, as is the support of start-ups. Long-established institutions and structures such as Tutech Innovation GmbH, the Startup Dock, Hamburg Open Science just to mention some, support these endeavours.

I invite you to take a virtual tour trhrough the research enivironment of TUHH. For further information, please feel free to contact our team.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Irina Smirnova

Vice President for Research


Research Organisation - TU Hamburg Research Fields

The research topics of TU Hamburg are bundled in five interdisciplinary research fields.
Within these research fields, further substructures support a lively and differentiated research environment.

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Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Knowledge and technology transfer have been central at TU Hamburg since its foundation. TUHH founded the first transfer company in Germany, Tutech Innovation GmbH (, as early as 1992. Tutech supports scientists in topics such as contract research and intellectual property rights, and it advises on the acquisition of funding, e.g. in the area of the European Union.

At the TU Hamburg, founders are supported and accompanied not only by Tutech but also by the TU's own startup network Startup Port@TUHH (

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Societal & Economic Impact

The results and processes of university research are also measured by their influence on the economy and society.

This section presents research topics of particular relevance to society, fields of activity, events as well as TUHH projects and cooperations with industrial partners.

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Graduate Academy

The TUHH aims to offer its early career researchers an ideal environment in which they can develop into outstanding, independent scientists with an eye for the challenges facing society. In the form of an umbrella organization, the Graduate Academy for Technology and Innovation serves as a central point of contact for doctoral students and postdocs.


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Coordinated Collaborative Research

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Research Funding

Research funding plays a central role in academic life and enables universities to expand and strengthen their research activities in various areas. By attracting third-party funding from public and private sources, universities can finance innovative research projects, acquire new equipment and resources and support talented young researchers.

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Vice President Research

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Irina Smirnova

Tel.: +49 40 428 78 30 40

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