Language Program in Cooperation with VHS

Welcome to the home page of the general language programme of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). By order of the TUHH the Hamburger Volkshochschule offers courses in the languages English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Korean and German as a foreign Language.

We review our programme each semester and offer these and further language courses according to the current demand.


General Information and Recognition

General Information

In all courses general language skills are taught. The English courses furthermore contain elements in English for technical purposes.

On presentation of a valid semester certificate all courses are free of charge for students of the TUHH and as well for members of the university staff.

Our language courses cover the five competence levels from A1 to C1 following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) developed by the European Council.

FAQs - frequently asked questions and answers about the language courses (in German)

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We would like to help you to develop your proficiency in foreign languages in a focused way. If you intend to gain credits for foreign language course in non-technical subjects, please be aware of the procedures laid down in the curriculum .

For you to gain credits for a foreign language course, you have to pass an additional course achievement and the final exam. Attendance of at least 80% is required.

A special note on recognition/eligibility subject to previous language background:

As a matter of principle, language courses in the language or languages in which your course is taught, i.e. German and/or English, only count toward credits if you gained your university entrance qualification in another language.

Recognition of German language courses

German: counts toward credits only if the language in which you gained your university entrance qualification was not German.

Study program at the TUHH

Eligible course levels

All German-language bachelor’s and master’s programs

Level C1.1and higher

ES/GES bachelor’s program

Level B1.2 and higher

English-language degree programs

All (according to grading), Please note: The compulsory IBH course for 4 LP must be completed first. Only once this has been completed a further German course at a higher level (VHS) can be recognised as an NTA subject.


Recognition of Englisch language courses

English: only level C2 courses count towards credits in the English-language and bilingual (ES/GES, IWI) programs. Specialised language courses, such as "Academic English for Computer Science" or "Business English" are not considered C2 courses.

In German-language programs it counts toward credits only if the language in which you gained your university entrance qualification was not English.

Proof of successful completion of the English C1.2 course (!) fulfils the language requirements for English-language Master's degree programs. This rule applies exclusively to English courses at TUHH in cooperation with the VHS. Specialised language courses (such as "Academic English for Computer Science" and "Business English") are excluded from this rule.

For all other languages no courses in a student’s native language are eligible to count toward credits.

Registration / Placements

There are still places available for some language courses. In the registration form, which you will find further down on this page, only those courses are listed in which there are still places available. Registration does not take place via TUNE / StudIP. Invitations for all courses and information about waiting list places are sent out directly by the VHS at short notice, at the latest five days before the start of the course.

Registration / Placements

For registration you will need:

  •     Your matriculation number
  •    Your TUHH email address
  •     Your placement certificate / performance record for a follow-up course.
        - Your certificate from a previous course (no more than 12 months old)
        - If you have not attended a previous course, please send us your placement test result: (free of charge).
  •     All Beginner A1 courses do not require a placement test.
  •    The courses are exclusively for students and employees of the TUHH. Please upload your matriculation certificate/proof of enrollment as a PDF.

FAQs - frequently asked questions and answers about the language courses (in German)

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Admission Requirement

For courses of an advanced level a placement test is essential provided you did not attend any courses in the target language within the last 12 months nor did you take a placement test. Please upload your placement certificate or your performance record when applying online. 

Beginners courses at level A1.1 do not require any placement test!

Prior knowledge

Any prior language skills have to be proven by a placement test (see Admission Requirement). The course recommendation depends on the test result.

Placement Procedure

Written placements according to the General European Reference Frame for Languages based on your self assessment

The certificate from a previous course replaces this placement.

An additional oral placement test will be taken in certain cases.

Please apply for the language courses via our online application form that can be found above during the registration period. 

The asterisked fields are mandatory fields.

Employees of the TUHH please enter 99999 in the mandatory field “matriculation number” and upload a blank sheet with your email signature (name, contact details, department/institute) instead of a certificate of enrolment.

A prompt email response acknowledges receipt of your application. 
Should there be more applicants than places in a language course you will be waitlisted and move up as soon as a place is free. 
confirmation of participation will be sent directly before the beginning of the course. The message might reach you at very short notice as the release of the individual course depends on the number of applicants. 

(Target course size: 10 – 20 students per course)

Programme / Syllabus

Programme / Syllabus – Language courses at the Hamburg University of Technology

Quality is our utmost concern and the key for your success. With your registration for one of our language courses you go for a modern, interactive learning methodology – up-to-date learning materials, professional lecturers dedicated to their job and the application of learning platforms especially in the courses German as a Foreign Language – all this in combination with lots of fun. 

All courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) developed by the European Council – a consistent structure that divides language competencies into several levels in order to make them comparable across national borders.

For students planning a semester or a work experience abroad this is an essential precondition.


Download Program (subject to change)

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Summer Semester 2024
Registration and deregistration of examinations

Please note that the registration period begins on December 1, 2023  and ends on December 14, 2023.
Later registrations cannot be considered!!!

Here you will find an overview of the language courses with the corresponding examination numbers and further important information.

Important: The examination dates of the language courses are announced by the course lecturers. Please pay attention to the information on SprachCommsy. These dates are binding and may differ from the dates given on TUNE.

Registration and deregistration of examinations

Exam registration:

If you wish to take an examination in order to acquire credit points, you must register for this examination in TUNE. No credit points can be gained without registering for an exam. Exam registration takes place exclusively during a two-week period. The registration period will be announced in good time. During this period, you can register for your exams in TUNE under My studies > Planner of studies with Module plan. You can find detailed instructions here.

Late registration will not be considered!

Deregistration from examinations: Please note that deregistration from an examination is only possible from the time of registration and only up to two days before the examination date. You can therefore also deregister from the examination outside the registration period.

DAAD - Language Certificates

DAAD – Language Certificates

For proof of language skills in

  •     English

we offer the DAAD Language Certificate (PDF). The DAAD Language Certificate is a language assessment for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and/or the International Office.

You can find detailed information here.


Certificates and Exam Centers

Certificates and Exam Centers

You can find more information on international language certificates and examination centres here.



Do you have questions, need help or wish to get further information on our course programme?

Contact person:

Kerstin Wittke,  Bildungskontor Hamburg, University Cooperation TUHH

Business and postal address:
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