Your Bachelor's or Master's studies at TU Hamburg: Applications are open until July 15.

Step by step: application for a master's degree program

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Application period

The TUHH has the following application periods:

  • start of studies for the winter semester: applications are open from June 1 to July 15
  • start of studies for the summer semester: applications are open from December 1 of one year to January 15 of the following year

Step by step: Master's degree

Step 1: Check the formal and subject-specific requirements!

Formal requirements:

With a German Bachelor's degree, you are eligible to apply for a Master's degree.

If you have an international degree you can check whether you are eligible to apply for a Master's degree in Germany on the following websites:

Subject-specific requirements:

The Master's degree programs at the TUHH are consecutive Master's degree programs, the content of your Bachelor's degree must match the desired Master's degree program. The subject-specific requirements for the Master's degree programs can be found on the following pages:

Required grades:

  • For the English-language Master's programs, applicants from non-EU countries need a Bachelor's degree with good grades. You can check whether the grades of your Bachelor's degree are sufficient for admission in the pre-check. If your grades are sufficient for an application, you will receive a precheck code after the pre-check, which you enter in the online application.
  • Admission to the Master's degree program in International Industrial Engineering is restricted! The grades of the Bachelor's degree are relevant for admission. The grades required for admission depend on the number of applicants.

Step 2: Preparation of the application documents

As part of the online application, you must upload copies of the documents listed below (PDF documents, maximum size 7 MB). If the documents are not issued in German or English, German or English translations by a sworn translator must also be submitted. The translations alone are not sufficient!

As a rule, we require the following documents from you:

  • ECTS sheet, which will be provided to you during the application process (exception: "Materials Science"; the ECTS sheet is not mandatory for applicants with an international Bachelor's degree)
  • Curriculum vitae (only for English-language Master's degree programs)
  • Complete university transcript of records or provisional transcript of your degree program
  • European Diploma Supplement, for graduates from European universities
  • Degree certificate or provisional degree certificate from your degree program, including final grade.
  • If you have not yet completed your studies at the time of application, the TUHH requires a certificate from your university confirming the expected date of your graduation and the expected grades.
  • Module manual of your Bachelor's degree program (for applicants with an international Bachelor's degree, the module manual is not mandatory). Please make sure that the module manual belongs to your degree program cohort (date of issue).
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of German (if required)
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of English (if required)
  • APS certificate (only for applicants with a school or university degree from China, India or Vietnam, regardless of their nationality)

Notes for TU students:

Are you currently studying in a Bachelor's program at the TUHH and are interested in a Master's program afterwards? Then please check our information on consecutivity.

Step 3: Online application in the TUNE portal

  • You register on the TUHH's application portal TUNE
  • You can apply online for one Master's program taught in German (including Interantionales Wirschaftsingenieurwesen) and one Master’s program taught in English.

Step 4: Check application status

  • The TUHH will only communicate with you via the TUNE portal.
  • You must check the status of your application in the TUNE portal regularly.
  • Missed deadlines caused by not checking your application status are your own responsibility!

Step 5: Receiving an offer of admission

  • You will receive the offer of admission to a Master's program online in the TUNE portal!
  • As soon as you have accepted the offer of admission, you can enrol online in the TUNE portal.

Special information for prospective students for a dual study programme

Are you interested in a dual study programme at the TUHH? Then read more information about the conditions of a dual study programme.

In this case, the application is also for a regular Master's programme. There is no separate admission procedure for dual students. The specification into a dual study programme is only made at the time of enrollment.