Thank you for your interest in our university. All information is made available simultaneously in the German and English languages. But please note that the programs you are currently reading up on are taught in German as the main language of instruction. In case of application you have to prove sufficient knowledge in German amongst others.

At the moment, this website is under construction - please refer to the German website!

Requirements for Master Programs

Subject-specific prior knowledge and competences are essential in view of the various requirements of our master’s programs.

Click here for information about the prior knowledge required for the individual master’s programs:

In the online application you will be asked to state that you fulfill the subject-specific requirements. These details will enable the relevant department to assess your suitability for the master’s program. Questions concerning the subject-specific requirements cannot be answered by STUDIS. You may get in contact with our Student Counseling Center for further general information.

In addition, you must provide proof of your statements in the form of the course details of your bachelor’s program or other suitable documents such as a certificate issued by your university. Please upload or send these documents as a part of the online application procedure.

* The admission to these programs is restricted and may only be gained to a winter semester. Besides your professional suitability your average grades of your undergraduate studies are relevant.