Your Bachelor's or Master's studies at TU Hamburg: Applications are open until July 15.

Admission and enrolment

Admission and acceptance respectively

TUHH offers restricted courses of study and also Master's programs free from restriction.

Admission to the study program "International Management and Engineering" is restricted. Besides your professional suitability your average grade of your undergraduate studies is relevant. You may gain "admission".

For the academic programs free from restriction only your professional suitability will be checked. You may receipt an "acceptance letter".

In either case please note the deadline for the enrolment.

Special information concerning restricted Master's programs

Notification of Admission

If you have received a notification of admission (Zulassungsbescheid), you must state within 10 days (cutoff period) of receipt whether you are accepting the place offered to you. If you miss the deadline, your admission will lapse, you will forfeit the place, and it will be offered to someone else.

Notification of Rejection

If you have not been allocated a place in accordance with the selection procedure or are excluded from the admission procedure on formal grounds, you will be sent a notification of rejection. Important note: If you were rejected because not enough places were available, you will still take part in the moving-up procedure.

Moving-Up Procedure

Places that are not taken up - because the offer was not accepted or the admission was forfeited - are allocated to the applicants who are next in line on the waiting list up to four weeks after lectures begin. Departures from the order on the waiting list may be undertaken if that should appear necessary to fill all available places without delay.

Important notes for the enrolment

Enrolment deadline

Once you have received notification of admission or the acceptance letter you must enroll as a student by the specified deadline with all the documents required. If you fail to meet the deadline you can expect to be refused admission in accordance with § 25 Section 5 of the TUHH's enrollment regulations even though you have been offered a place. The enrolment procedure will start at February 1 for the summer semester and August 1 for the winter semester.

If you gain admission by moving up the list, you must submit your enrollment application and necessary documents within the cutoff period usually. The deadline will be specified in the notification of admission. If your documents are incomplete you will be refused enrolment.

Documents required

Notes concerning documents that have to be submitted by you to TUHH after being admitted can be found in the application form for enrolment, at least:

  • a photocopy of your university admission entitlement ("Abitur" certificate, school leaving certificate from your home country e. g.)
  • a proof of health insurance
  • officially certified documents to your former studies (first degree certificate, transcripts of records e. g.)
  • for applicants from the People's Republic of China, Vietnam or Mongolia: an APS certification or APS certificate (original)
  • if applicable: an officially certified proof of language knowledge (please take a look at this)

Without the required documents an enrolment is not possible.

Official certifications

In Germany, official certifications are available from local government offices, a notary, the issuing institution or a federal government ageny that is entitled to use an official seal. Certifications issued by other agencies, such as a health insurer, the AStA or a language school, are not recognized in Hamburg. Abroad, you will only come by certifications that are officially recognized in Germany at German embassies or consulates. Church certifications will in no circumstances be recognized.

For certificates from abroad:
Please note that foreign certifications can only be recognized if they are done by official bodies that are authorized to issued them. If you are already in Germany officiall certifications can also be made by the embassy or consulate of your home country. If your certificates are not in German or English, you must also attach translations by an officially authorized translator. Only translations into German or English will be accepted. The translations and photocopies of the originals must be fixed to each other so as to make it clear without doubt that the one relates to the other.