Our Welcome@TUHH-orientation and networking activities cannot be offered as in-person- program during the Corona (Covid 19) pandemic. As a substitute, we have developed an online program to give you the possibility of staying connected and to develop useful skills:

>>Download_Moving online and staying connected_Program Winter semester 2020 (pdf)

>> Download_#stay home and keep yourself informed in Corona times (pdf)

During the Covid 19-situation we are offering Welcome-Virtual- Consultation every Friday at 11- 12 am. You can join the session by using the zoom registration link or contact the Welcome Tutors to register at: welcome(at)tuhh.de

Dear students: Welcome to the Hamburg University of Technology!


Our Intercultural Program for students "Welcome@TUHH", grounded in 2003, offers you assistance at the beginning of your studies at  TUHH. This program also accompanies you through your whole degree program and helps you to integrate into the campus community more easily. A further goal of the program is to help you to develop skills which will make you stay at TUHH more succesful!

The program is supported by international and german student tutors who are very well acquainted with both studying at the TUHH and living in Hamburg. They help you to sort out questions about study organisation, accompany you to orientation and cultural activities and offer you a chance of joining a study group.

Welcome@TUHH Program offers to support you: 

  • Welcome Weeks with tutorials prior to the lecture period: You will get to know how to organise your studies at the TUHH and how to use the university facilities. Welcome tutors will share their own experiences with you.
  • Intercultural Semester Program with workshops, film evenings, intercultural presentations: You can gain from the intercultural exchange between various nationalities on the TUHH campus and develope usefull soft skills.
  • Events and Exkursions: You can confront German and European history, politics and culture. You will have the opportunity to get in touch with fellow students and gain fluency in German and English.
  • Tutors´ consultation hours: You can get help and support in unbureaucratic way and discuss you study- related problems in a casual atmosphere
  • Developing Skills: Our supplementary programs help you to develop useful technical, intercultural, interpersonal and language skills.

Welcome@TUHH: You are not alone !

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