Interview with the Mechatronics alumnus Jan Schattner

  1. What in your studies do you think back to most fondly?
    On the one hand, I remember learning together with fellow students, for example in the library, and on the other hand, I remember the practical applications and experiments both in my studies and in the practical phases as part of my dual studies.
  2. What do you do in your job today?
    I am a team leader for control engineering at Löwenstein Medical Technology, a manufacturer of ventilators.
  3. To what extent did your studies prepare you for your current profession?
    The study program has prepared me professionally, so that I not only know the methods, but also know how to critically question them. Above all, however, it is a structured way of thinking and a methodical approach that I have internalized through my studies.
  4. What would you like to pass on to future students?
    Try different things, question the connections to understand them and don't give up too quickly. A high frustration tolerance is also a learning for me from my studies.


Jan Schattner studied mechatronics at TUHH in both his bachelor's and master's degrees.