Thank you for your interest in our university. All information is made available simultaneously in the German and English languages. But please note that the programs you are currently reading up on are taught in German as the main language of instruction. In case of application you have to prove sufficient knowledge in German amongst others.

Notes for applicants from abroad

... for persons who are not holders of a German university entrance qualification

All applicants have to apply online. Please refer here concerning the kind of application portal you have to choose.

The most important information concerning application and admission are also given in this brochure (PDF).

Documents required for the application procedure

Along with the online application form please submit the following documents at least:

  • a photocopy of your school-leaving report, including grades
  • a photocopy of proof of sufficient language knowledge
  • if available: a photocopy of the university admission examination
  • if available: photocopies of your studies, including grades
  • for graduates of a German Studienkolleg: FSP certificate (T-course) and a copy of the corresponding school-leaving certificate from your home country
  • for applicants from the People's Republic of ChinaVietnam and India: an original APS certification 
  • for citizens from EU and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway: a photocopy of proof of grades in mathematics during the last two years at school
  • if applicable: the result of TestAS

Please also note: If your certificates are not in German or English, you must also attach translations by an officially authorized translator or certified by an official body. The translations and photocopies of the originals must be fixed to each other so as to make it clear without doubt that the one relates to the other. A translation on its own can't be accepted by TUHH.

University Entrance Qualification

To study at the TUHH you will need to submit proof of a university entrance qualification. Secondary school-leaving certificates issued in other countries are classified differently in relation to the German university entrance qualification. In some countries you may need to submit evidence of additional years of study. German embassies and consulates will be able to advise on the details. Or take a look at anabin. Should you have any questions, we are of course also available for a personal consultation.


Results of the Test for Academic Studies (TestAS for short) can be taken into consideration as follows for all Bachelor's programs at TUHH:

  • The applicant must hold a university entrance qualification to study engineering.
  • The applicant must take the TestAS test, consisting of the core test and the test for engineering science. The overall test result must be at least 100. A subject-related university entrance qualification may then be extended to a qualification to the favored Bachelor's program.

    Let us assume that the applicant holds a university entrance qualification to study Electrical Engineering but wishes to study Civil and Environmental Engineering. He takes the TestAS, consisting of the core test and the test for engineering science, and achieves an overall test result of 106. The TUHH will then recognize him as being qualified to study Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Taking the TestAS can therefore be useful for anyone who does not hold the general university entrance qualification. Please note the registration and examination periods for the test. Click here for further information.

Official certifications

There is no need to submit officially certified documents during the application procedure. After being accepted to study at TUHH, officially certified documents have to be submitted during the enrolment procedure. Further information can be found here.

Language proficiency

To be successful it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction. Information can be found here.

And please note: The German citizenship won't be accepted as a proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language. If you have not gained your school leaving certificate at a German school ("Abitur") please read our information given here.