Preparation courses at TUHH

TUHH offers prospective students opportunities to prepare for studies at TUHH. On the one hand there is "SPRINT@TUHH" addressing oneself to applicants for the Bachelor's and also German Master's courses. Otherwise TUHH offers a preparatory semester ("SVS PraxisPlus") for prospective Master's students.




The international study preparation program is a special facility provided by the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) in cooperation with the Studienkolleg Hamburg, the University of Hamburg and the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. SPRINT@TUHH is an engineering preparation course for basic study courses at the TUHH (Bachelor's programs). It prepares participants in course subjects, including math and physics, and the language of instruction (Academic German) for study requirements at the TUHH. A further focus is on familiarizing participants with the techniques that are required to study successfully in Germany. Further details are given here (PDF / in German only).

When and where does SPRINT@TUHH take place?

The study preparation program will start at the Studienkolleg in a summer semester and end in July of the same year with exams.

Who can take part in SPRINT@TUHH? How do you apply?

Prospective international students from non EU-countries can take part in the program if they hold university entrance qualifications for a degree course at the TUHH gained in a country other than Germany and are proficient in German at least to intermediate evel (B2.2). They must apply to the TUHH by January 15 enclosing all the documents required (here). Please enter SPRINT as the main subject (Hauptfach) in your application form, adding as the subsidiary subject (Nebenfach) the subject that you would like to study at the TUHH after the preparation program. Please send your application and documents to:

Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg
STUDIS admission and registration
21071 Hamburg

Please note: SPRINT doesn't mean the T-course at a German "Studienkolleg". To attend SPRINT you must be a holder of a university entrance qualification for German universities. If you want to gain this qualification please contact one of the German "Studienkollegs" and take part in the T-course.

Preparatory Semester (SVS)

Master programs at TUHH start every winter semester. Application for summer semester is possible, but this might lengthen your study period in total, as the 1. semester lectures will only be given in winter semester.

TUHH offers an alternative to prepare for your studies during summer semester. The preparatory semester (SVS= Studienvorbereitungssemester) is offered to applicants who completed sucessfully the application for a practical training/internship via the program TUHH-PraxisPlus .