Transformation of the working environment in the evolving digital work environment

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Project Description:

Description of the company
Deloitte is one of the world's leading auditing and consulting firms and, as such, carries out exciting projects at well-known companies, offers excellent training opportunities and a strong team spirit across national borders.
At Deloitte, people from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines work successfully together as a team, and our international network brings together the expertise of around 345,000 employees from more than 150 countries.
The Deloitte Purpose "Making an impact that matters" illustrates the demands we make on ourselves every day - for our clients, our employees and society.

A strong corporate culture characterized by teamwork, cohesion and barrier-free knowledge sharing is important to us as a company. We want to leverage the current shift toward a more digitized, open and borderless world to create a more positive work environment for our employees and to strengthen teamwork and cooperative collaboration.

Digitalization and remote working are changing the way employees perceive their work environment. In particular, employee retention and sense of belonging to the company may be affected. These changes have uncertain consequences for our company and present us with the question of how to analyze and mitigate these effects. It is necessary to also determine what measures should be taken to promote and take advantage of the positive effects that could lead to a more flexible work environment.

Aims of the project
Deloitte supports the change toward a more flexible and digitized work environment. The aim of this project is to analyze the impact of changes in the work environment on employee engagement in an organization. We want to implement a tool or methodology to monitor, and report impacts and mitigate them through innovative concepts.

The scope of the project is to develop a measurable concept for successful employee attraction and long-term employee retention. This is to include both a cost-benefit analysis and technical options for renewing our recruiting process.

  1. Analyze the change for companies towards a more digital work environment.
  2. Design an innovative concept for employee recruitment and retention in times of digital work.
  3. Develop a system / tool / methodology to monitor and report the shift in the employee life cycle within a company.
  4. Implement a cost-benefit analysis of the employee and retention concept.

Target group (students)
Global Technology and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship (G-TIME / Joint Masters), Information and Communication Systems, General Management, Computer Science

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