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Project Description:

Description of the company
Campana & Schott is an international management and technology consultancy with more than 500 employees in Europe and the USA.
We mold the digital future of our clients and have been ensuring for more than 30 years that technological, organizational, or entrepreneurial transformation projects are successful - holistically and with passion.

Sustainability will be an important strategic cornerstone for companies in all industries. This transformation is being driven by customer demand for environmental and social responsibility, stricter market regulations and green investments from financial institutions and private investors. In order to reach the strategic sustainability goals, companies want their employees to change their behavior for sustainability. Our goal is to support companies and their employees by providing tools that guide, encourage, and track behavioral change.

Achieving strategic sustainability goals also requires employee behavior change. However, different behaviors change each employee’s impact on the environment in different ways, and currently there is no solution that tracks employee behavior and incentivize sustainable behavior.

Aims of the project
An interdisciplinary development and consulting team led by Campana & Schott will design and implement a modern web application for the digital workplace that encourages employees to change their behavior in a more sustainable way. The students should develop useful metrics that can be easily captured and visualized to show the impact of the user’s change in behavior. The students should also conceive innovative gamification ideas like challenges and competitions between employees to increase adoption and incentivize more sustainable behavior.


  • Project planning and execution based on agile project management methodologies guided by Campana & Schott
  • Requirement engineering and ideation in an industry-typical workshop format
  • UX/UI development and mockup creation
  • Sprint-based implementation of a first prototype of the web application integrated in Microsoft Teams
  • Summary and presentation of the results of this consulting project

Target group (students)
We encourage students with various interests and backgrounds (esp. Software Engineering, (Agile Project) Management, Sustainability).

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