PVI – Photovoltaik Investments GmbH

Practical Concept for an Emission-free Hotel

Description of the company
PVI GmbH is a young, Hamburg-based company specialized in planning and sales of PV solutions. Our aim is to offer a full-scope customer service that lets private and business customers buy their own PV system as smoothly as any regular investment.

The Waldhaus hotel is a five-star hotel in Reinbek, near Hamburg, also offering fine dining, spa and a great bar.

Initial situation
The challenges of the climate crisis are known and are becoming visible. One important factor is the energy need of buildings and businesses, that includes mainly electricity and heat. As PVI we focus on providing renewable electric power but at any building, the question of the energy sufficiency overall is an all to obvious question. So taking a look at a building’s entire energy management, including heating, cooling, air circulation, efficiency, etc., is the next logical step in doing what we can to conserve this planet and at the same time serving our customers best.

One type of business that needs a lot of power of different kinds and offers huge potential are hotels. Lots of electricity is used during the day (when the sun shines) for lighting, the kitchen, cleaning, air conditioning and heating or cooling are constant requirements. To investigate, we contacted the Waldhaus Hotel (near S-Bahn stop S21 Reinbek) that was recently taken over by a family of hoteliers aiming to renovate the building.

The 1874 built hotel burned down in 1992 and was reopened as a five-star spa-hotel, bar and restaurant three years later. It is a real institution in the nice, eastern banlieue of Hamburg. Energy consumption is not up to modern standards and the owners want to not only save costs in the long run but also contribute to stop climate change.

Aims of the project
A comprehensive investigation by experts in energy efficiency has been commissioned by the new owners and the results now need to be interpreted and translated into what could be the optimal solutions to lower costs and emissions.

The result should be a roadmap of different scenarios, what measures can be taken, including a look at the required investment and when break even can be achieved.

Supposing good results, the hotel will then decide on and implement the proposed solution.
This is an all-round, practical project with real customers and can have real-life effects that you may later see realized!

All technological and conceptual options are generally open for discussion but need to be discussed with and accepted by the hotel owners. Support and access to the facility is provided by the owners and the report will disclosed and represent the baseline of the planning.

Target group (students)
-    Students with interest and / or expertise in renewable energies, energy efficiency, electrical engineering, mechatronics, information technology (for scenario calculations), project management, financial calculations

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