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Basler AG

Neuromorphic Computing

Project result: Poster (PDF)


Project Description:

Description of the company
Basler AG is the leading international manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial computer vision applications.
We develop and build cameras for industrial applications as well as complete image processing solutions. In doing so, we use the latest artificial intelligence (AI) methods.

All currently established implementations of artifical neural networks build on biological foundations that are already several decades old. To date, the human brain is still orders of magnitude more energy and data efficient in learning new tasks and concepts. The research area 'Neuromorphic Computing' tries to close this gap and make current neurobiological findings usable for AI.

'Neuromorphic Computing' aims to enable brain-inspired computation and is red hot research. Expectations are high and the field is developing rapidly.
The new concepts and ideas differ significantly from current state of the art methods and are still largely unknown outside the community.

Aims of the project
We believe that 'Neuromorphic Computing' will take AI a major step forward. A comprehensive overview and a good understanding of the research field are required to apply this emerging technology at an early stage. 



  • Creation of a comprehensive thematic map
  • Identifying the hot research topics in the field of 'Neuromorphic Computing'
  • Finding and deeply understanding the already existing approaches and solutions
  • Discovering tools and theoretical foundations
  • Recognizing the new opportunities and identifying particularly suitable areas of application
  • Conducting small experiments to gain new insights

Target group (students)
‘Neuromorphic computing’ brings together neurobiology, physics, mathematics, computer science and technology. Accordingly, we are looking for an interdisciplinary team of enthusiastic students who will contribute their interests and preferences and explore this field in collaboration with the Basler Research Team.

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