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Investigation of rear SMR Aircraft fuselage with an integrated LH2 tank and the distribution system

Description of the company
Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry. We are a leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a global scale.

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a net emission air traffic is expected by the european union in 2050. The key enabler could be the usage of hydrogen replacing kerosin. The SMR (short/medium range) aircraft is a good candidate for the investigation. The most promising location of a hydrogen tank would be at the rear fuselage after the cabin. Airbus published a net emission vision thru the ZEROe project.

taking account the same block energy of the current SA (single aisle) aircraft and a hydrogen powered aircraft, hydrogen needs much more space as classical kerosine.

Aims of the project
The hydrogen storage and distribution system shall be loaded inside the fuselage after the cabin at the unpressurised area. The hydrogen storage and distribution system need to be maintained on a regular basis, therefore the system needs to be removed out of the fuselage.
Aim of the project is to develop a rear fuselage structure that is optimized in terms of structure loads and has the capability to remove the hydrogen system. The structure shall be sized against the typical load cases. The structure shall be defined by typical topology optimization and as well take into account bionic structures.
The results shall be evaluated by a model based system approach. The design shall also be validated against industrial and operational requirements.

Developing a rear fuselage of a SMR aircraft structure enables the integration of a hydrogen storage and distribution system.

  • create a 3d rear fuselage model with respect to existing and new technologies
  • respect industrial and operational requirements
  • perform FEM analysis and define an optimized structure with respect to typical sizing cases.

Target group (students)

  • design
  • structure optimization / topology optimization
  • bionic structures
  • hydrogen
  • hydrogen tanks
  • finite elements
  • model based system engineering

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