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Lufthansa Technik AG

Visualization of Information on Tools & Equipments

Description of the company
We are the leading provider of aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services for civil aircraft, from commercial to VIP and special mission aircraft. 

Holding international licenses for maintenance, design and production, we provide tailored maintenance programs, modification, completion and conversion as well as innovative cabin products, material pooling or engine services. We supply our customers with digital fleet support.

For aircraft maintenance components, we are using tools and machines to perform the tasks. Those needs to be frequently maintained, calibrated and fulfill different regulations. This information is currently visible on every machine through a wallpaper named “Anlageninformationskarte”.

We have implemented an application where the exspiration dates, incidents and information about the tool are automatically calculated and present the user if the tool or machine can be used. Up to now the information can be displayed in mobile devices and computers. Within this research we would like to investigate if there are displays which can be attached to the machines to make available the information to the user.

Aims of the project
Aim oft he project is to perform a market research which displays can be used and which IT infrastructure requirements they have e.g. 5G, BLE light

Identifiying technologies 5G, BLE light, WLAN

Performing a market analysis according the technologies

Target group (students)
This project is targeting mainly Engineering and IT students. It is a cross topic subject, which requires team working from the different participants.

We target as well students who are technology affine paired with break through thinking

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