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Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

Project result: Poster (PDF)

Digital Waste – How to integrate Digital Data in your efforts of reducing your carbon footprint?

Description of the company
We are a global leader in technology and business solutions that transform organizations and the world around us. We have a long heritage of bringing innovation and expertise, continuously working to contribute to the growth of society and our customers.

Our Purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.

To fulfill the Fujitsu Group Purpose, we will enhance our ability to stay in tune with global society, while continuing to make agile changes, and creating value. We offer a broad range of products, services and solutions, and have approximately 130,000 employees supporting customers from over 50 countries and regions.

The Necessity of reducing CO2 emissions has become clear to pretty much every companies. Especially when it comes to reducing power consumption when using products or reducing CO2 emissions with regard to the supply chain, many targets have been set by companies and first achievements and/or approaches have become visible.

However there is a big lack of awareness and monitoring possibilities when it comes to the reduction of CO2 emissions as a result of data creation, usage and storage. Data is Power in the new world and most companies focus on optimizing their workloads and performances rather than their carbon footprint in this context. That is the reason why we are currently missing out on a huge possibility of setting the basis for less Digital Waste and an environmentally friendly usage of Digital Data right now.

Companies are not always aware of their carbon footprint or they are missing a holistic view including their Data Usage. They are missing a simple solution to calculate and monitor their impact. Therefore they are also lacking a possibility for a data-driven approach to reduce their CO2 emissions generated by Digital Data as such.

Aims of the project
Only with a holistic view of their carbon footprint, companies can strive for new approaches to reduce CO2 emissions and optimize their energy efficiency. This also includes Digital Data Usage, including its generation and provision.

In this project, we aim for a functional design and architecture of a CO2-calculator for Data Usage. This CO2-calculator will be the basis for companies to monitor their data and optimize their usage and storage not only on criteria such as workloads and performance, but on sustainability.

Target group (students)

  • Everyone who is intrinsically motivated to change things for the better and secure that a Digital Transformation truly goes along with a Sustainability transformation.
  • Everyone who is excited to get in contact with not only us, but also our customers and receive direct feedback on what is developed.
  • Everyone who wants to create something, that is on the one hand new and innovative to all of us, and on the other hand a solution that will be used in the real world after this project.
  • Probably most interesting for the following study programs, but not limited to these:
    • Data Science
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Global Technology and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship
    • Information and Communication Systems

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