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Digitization of logistics x ECL goes green

Description of the company
The ECL family is a modern and dynamic team, aiming to make our customers‘ logistic processes comfortable. Successful solutions require communication and understanding of their specific needs. Our commitment lies in innovative logistics, using sustainable resources and transparent communication.

Since 2004, we have been impressing our customers with quality, reliability, and flexibility. We’re located at the Port of Hamburg and at the Frankfurt Airport. As a family-owned freight forwarding company, we offer comprehensive logistics services from one source. This includes sea, air and land transportation, customs clearance, container handling and more.

Our logistics complex covers an area of more than 21,000 m², which includes our (bonded) warehouse of 10,000 m². Our fleet of vehicles enables us to transport various groups of goods daily, including hazardous goods.

Logistics plays a central role in our daily lives. It facilitates the seamless transportation of our food to grocery stores, the shipment of our online purchases, and is the foundation of our networked global economy.

Since May 2020, ECL Kontor has been working on a sustainability strategy to meet increasing environmental, customer and regulatory requirements. Integrating sustainability into the company's processes is crucial to meet the expectations of society, the environment, and the government. The environmental project aims to move ECL Kontor forward in its internal and external business processes.

On the one hand, there is a need to meet customer requirements and strengthen competitiveness. On the other hand, awareness of sustainability among customers is to be promoted through new offerings. The challenge is to achieve an environmentally friendly and innovative positioning in the logistics industry and to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Aims of the project
The primary goal of this project is to optimize business processes as a first step while reducing the workload for customers to a minimum. This will be made possible by digitizing both internal workflows and external resources, leading to savings in resources such as time, manpower and financial resources. In addition, the aim is to integrate quantified key performance indicators to raise environmental awareness among our customers. As part of this project, the existing Minimal Viable Product (MVP) will be critically reviewed and further refined in terms of additional innovative approaches. Join us in digitizing the transformation of logistics.

These measures aim to increase communication efficiency between ECL employees and customers, use working time more effectively, and reduce miscommunication. In addition, customers will be motivated to choose more environmentally conscious transport options. An existing MVP will be further optimized, and innovative ways will be sought to develop a qualitative and functional prototype.

Target group (students)
The following study programs are of particular interest:

  1. Environmental Engineering: which focuses on promoting environmental awareness and addressing environmental issues.
  2. Data Science and Computer Science majors: can contribute to the project through developing and implementing digital aspects.
  3. Logistics, Infrastructure, and Mobility: offer expertise in logistics and processing methods.
  4. Renewable Energy and Energy Technology: Developing more environmentally friendly transportation solutions.
  5. Global Technology and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship (G-TIME): offers essential innovation management skills for project development.

Additionally, we welcome other courses of study.


  • programming
  • Web Design
  • informatics
  • logistics
  • Digitalization
  • Innovative ideas
  • Environmental Management

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