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Otto Krahn Group GmbH

The Future of B2B Solution Sales

Description of the company
As the Otto Krahn Group, we are family-owned group in the sector of compounding, distribution and recycling of plastics as well as chemistry and ceramics. Our Vision is to create lasting values based on the ambition for partnership, sustainability and innovation. Therefore we seek to develop innovative solutions for the complex challenges we and our industry are facing.
With ALBIS Distribution, a distributor for thermoplastics, and KRAHN Chemie, a distributor for chemicals, we are constantly looking for solutions to optimize our customer experience and provide a future-proof customer interface.

Note: You are also welcome to explore our website - as we are always looking for students and interns across the group.

Initial situation
Our traditional distribution business relies on a personal contact and the service is individually tailored to the various customers. There is no "one-fits-all" solution in plastics and chemical distribution; each customer inquiry must be handled individually. Especially in the B2B industry in which we as a distribution company find ourselves, topics such as innovative solution sales are underdeveloped.

In the B2C sector, you have seen already more and more companies adapting to digitalization and e-commerce, especially when it comes to solution sales. For us in the plastics and chemicals industry in the B2B sector, these developments have not yet arrived and the question arises how solution sales may look like in 5-10 years, topics such as a 24/7 customer service are already gaining importance. The services offered by companies in the B2C market are leading the growing demands also from our customers.

The problem is that with our internal processes and those of our customers, such as procurement and operational services, we have much more complex process and variety of systems than in the B2C sector. In addition, an important aspect of our sales is our technical expertise and the consultancy for customers.

So, the question for our challenge is how the future sales experience as well as the underlying solutions and processes will and can look like in the future B2B industry.

Aims of the project
Identify customer experience trends and solutions that will influence a B2B solution sale in 2025/2030.


Research potential customer experience trends and solutions

Consider the following questions and develop initial ideas for solutions:

  • In which areas are potential chances for digitization and automation regarding the future solution sales?
  • What opportunities are there for customer and technical support – also in terms of providing a 24/7 availability?
  • What role will e-commerce and digital solutions play in future B2B sales?
  • Which B2C elements of today can be found in the B2B sale of the future?

Target group (Students)

  • Allgemeine Ingenieurwissenschaften/ General Engineering Science
  • Informatik-Ingenieurwesen
  • Computer Science
  • Internationales Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
  • Global Technology and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship (G-TIME / Joint Masters)
  • Information and Communication Systems

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