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Trusted CAM

Description of the company
Basler AG is one of the world's leading producers of digital cameras for industrial applications.

Initial situation
Image data from our cameras is used as data provider for downstream analysis, real-time control and artificial networks.  

You can find image data in critical infrastructures such as logistic-chains, laboratory automation and medical technology -  where decisions have direct and indirect consequences for people, the environment and the profitability of our customers.

With growing dependence on images as data suppliers and with the connection of machines and sensors (e.g. in IoT  networks), the danger of being exposed to cyber-attacks and thus targeted manipulation of cameras and their data is  increasing.

Aims of the project
The essential question about the reliability and trustworthiness of image data is becoming more and more important.
Basler has dedicated itself to this highly critical topic for many years now with several patent applications, research collaborations, and innovation projects on product and business model level. Basler wants to expand and intensify this work.

We are looking for students who are willing to take on this topic and work on various open questions (with a subsequent working student option).

  • Information and Communication Systems
    What are the future scenarios for data-preparation, -storage and -management in view of decentralized and partially autonomous industrial networks?
  • Computer Science / Computer Engineering
    Which developments from the blockchain/NFT universe can be adapted and used for product development in industrial image processing? How can an interface between our product portfolio and the standards/protocols in the blockchain/DLT environment be implemented?
  • Global Technology and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship
    How can a sustainable business model be established in the context of "Trust"? Which strategic assets for Basler do you see?  What are the economic implications of a collaboration-based solution model? Regarding the early communication of R&D-projects as well as a medium-term establishment of a topic leadership for the topic "trust in image processing” - which marketing mix might be suitable?

Target group (Students)
The interdisciplinary team of students acts as an integral part of the innovation project from the very beginning. It feeds the knowledge gained directly into the project in form of recommendations for action and development artefacts.
This project offers a deep-dive into the R&D-landscape of Basler. You have the possibility to play an active role in this important and cutting edge topic with interesting chances for further personal development. Together, we will make an essential contribution to the reliability and sustainability of data in future infrastructures.

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