Philips Medical Systems - SOPs of the future

Description of the company

Philips Medical Systems develops and produces advanced X-ray systems for digital imaging at its Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel site and employs approximately 1,100 people.


The production of medical devices is highly regulated by authorities and institutions such as TÜV, CSA, FDA and others. As a result, Philips needs more than 2000 work instructions to produce the more than 50 variants of its X-ray components. These include steps such as work preparation activities, assembly instructions, performance tests, and safety measurements. Employees are obliged to work according to these specifications. The work instructions are currently based on Office applications and are provided via a software tool.


Industry 4.0 opens up a wide range of possibilities, and this change does not stop at the topic of "work instructions". Thus, the question to be answered is "What is the work instruction of the future?" and even more important "How to manage the change to the new standard?

Aims of the project

The aim of the project should be an analysis and a proposal for the new SOP (standard operating procedure). Possibilities would be use of AR glasses or VR glasses. An analysis of whether these are useful at all should be carried out. Also a completely different new concepts would be a possible outcome.
Subsequently, a concept is to be created how the mass of SOPs are transferred into the new standard under consideration of resources and economic efficiency.


SOPs of X-ray tubes and generators and the document change management.

Target group (students)

This project is particularly suitable for students of production management, medical technology and industrial engineering. However, other disciplines are also very welcome. Experience with Industry 4.0, lean management concepts and change management is advantageous. Most importantly, you should enjoy taking the initiative and communicating. HTML knowledge advantageous.


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