Regulations on Charges at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

The Board agreed the following Regulations on Administration Charges at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) on the basis of section 6b, paragraph 2 and section 79, paragraph 2, subsection 2, number 3 of the Hamburg Higher Education Act (HmbHG) of July 18, 2001, last amended on November 16, 2016 (HmbGVBl., p. 472) on 02/23/2017 after consultation with the TUHH Academic Senate as per section 85, paragraph 1, number 13 HmbHG of 02/22/2017.

Section 1

  1. For administrative services by the TUHH, administration charges are levied as per the following regulations and annex. Administration charges are payment for a particular use or service (administrative service).  Administration charges are determined at fixed rates, according to the value of the subject matter, the duration of the service or through applying framework rates.
  2. Charges for participating in classes at the TUHH as a guest are levied as per the annex.
  3. Charges that are levied for the use of facilities at the TUHH are established in the respective Terms of Use. The University Library of the TUHH has its own Regulations on Charges.
  4. Charges provided for in other legal provisions are not affected.

Section 2

  1. Expenses are costs that occur on a one-off basis in relation to an administrative service. The costs of sending documents by post, with the exception of fees for basic post services, are levied as expenses. The amount depends on the fees of the postal service used.
  2. Expenses are to be paid even where users are exempt from charges.

Section 3
Exemption from charges

  1. Decisions regarding grant awards or training allowances on the basis of
    1. The guidelines regarding funding foreign students at Hamburg universities, dated August 17, 2011,
    2. The Hamburg Act for the Promotion of Young Researchers and Artists (Hamburgisches Gesetzes zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen und künstlerischen Nachwuchses), dated November 7, 1984 (HmbGVBl., p. 225), last amended on October 28, 2014 (HmbGVBl., p. 462),
    in their respective valid versions are free of charge.
  2. Taking examinations at the TUHH is free of charge with the exception of the examination outlined in section 5.
  3. An exception to charges being levied may be granted in connection with business or information of a simple nature. Beyond this, the charges apply as per the annex.

Section 4
Payment obligation, due date and advance payments

  1. The payment obligation as per the annex arises on submission of a request, on payment dates or at the end of a notice period.
  2. The amount becomes due upon receipt of the invoice by the debtor, unless otherwise stated in the annex.
  3. A sum is to be paid as an advance payment.

Section 5
Charges in special circumstances

  1. The charge for an examination as per section 38 HmbHG is due when the individual is admitted to the examination. If admission to one of the examinations as per section 38 HmbHG, which are listed in the annex, is not granted, the charge does not apply.
  2. If an individual withdraws from the examination as per paragraph 1, the full charge is due. If the examinee withdraws owing to illness or other extraordinary circumstances,the examination charge is reduced to a quarter. In this instance, the charge paid is deducted when the individual registers for the examination again.
  3. For administrative services not included in the annex, an administration charge is levied on the basis of those administrative services listed in the annex. If there is no comparable administrative service, an administration charge of EUR 6-2500 is levied. This should be determined such that the cost to the TUHH, as well as the benefit, the economic value or other significance of the service to the service recipient is taken into account appropriately.

Section 6
Statement of charges

The TUHH establishes charges and expenses in a statement of charges. The statement of charges may be issued in writing, electronically (by email) or orally.

Section 7
Deferral, payment in instalments, reduction or waiver

  1. In individual cases, the TUHH can, on request, defer charges fully or in part if immediate payment would involve significant hardship and the deferral does not jeopardize the claim. A debtor’s significant hardship may be assumed if they temporarily have serious difficulties in paying owing to unfavorable financial circumstances or would face such circumstances if their debts were to be recovered immediately.
  2. In individual cases, the TUHH can agree to payment in instalments if paying in full would involve significant hardship and the payment in instalments does not jeopardize the claim.
  3. On request, charges can be reduced or waived if the charge would result in significant hardship in an individual case or this seems appropriate on the basis of the individual case. Significant hardship may, in particular, be assumed, where the debtor faces a financial emergency that is not his or her fault, and where there are concerns that pursuing the debt claim could represent a threat to the individual’s existence. The head of division or a person appointed by the head of division shall decide these measures.

Section 8
Adjustment clause

The established charges are reviewed at regular intervals of at most three years and adjusted in line with general price development.

Section 9
Data protection

Data is processed by the TUHH on the basis of section 111 HmbHG, as well as the Hamburg Data Protection Act (HmbDSG). Within the scope of these legal provisions, personal data is only collected, stored, altered and used to the extent that this is necessary for the legitimate performance of the TUHH’s duties. A transfer to public or private parties occurs only in individual cases where the HmbHG or the HmbDSG permit this. completion of the process and the required storage period, the data is deleted. Upon Data protection is guaranteed with human, technical and organizational measures.

Section 10
Transitional arrangement

Where charges arose before these regulations came into effect, the legal regulations in force at the time that the charges arose shall apply instead.

Section 11
Final provisions

These regulations come into effect on 04/01/2017.

Hamburg, 02/23/2017
Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

Table of Administration Charges

NumberServiceFee in euro
1.Making a copy
Certificate, diploma supplements or transcript of records, per document
2. Second copy of semester documents
2.1Second copy of set of forms without the semester ticket6,–
2.2Second copy of set of forms with the semester ticket10,–
2.3Repeat second copy of set of forms with the semester ticket30,–
3.Issuing certificates
E.g. study or registration certificates of all kinds, certificates regarding paid charges or semester contributions.
(List not exhaustive)
4.Duplicate certificates
other than those stated under 1. and 2., e.g. deregistration, guest student certificate
(List not exhaustive)
5.Certification of a photocopy or other copy
(solely where the original is presented to the TUHH)
First page
Subsequent pages

6.Late re-enrollment, leave of absence or registration30,–
7.Processing erroneous or incomplete re-enrollment10,–
8.Processing objections or producing rejection decisions
Charges are determined based on the work involved from

9.Processing a guest student application incl. producing guest student certificate
9.1Where attending up to five classes, per semester124,–
9.2Where attending more than five classes, per semester200,–
10.Completing the aptitude test for special admission for people in work, as per section 38 Hamburg Higher Education Act (HmbHG)290,–
11.1DIN A4; per page0,90
11.2DIN A3; per page1,50
12.Special services for complex services
e.g. extensive written information, the communication of which involves a particular workload
(List not exhaustive)
Charges are determined based on the work involved from