Admission Requirements

Microelectronics and MicrosystemsApplicants should hold a Bachelor's or equivalent degree in engineering - preferably specializing in electrical engineering - and must show a very good previous academic performance as well as sufficient proficiency in English by passing TOEFL with a minimum score of 577 (paper-based) / 90 (internet-based) or IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5. Please note: The TOEFL ITP is not be accepted by TUHH.

Specific requirements for the international Master's program

Please read the specific requirements for your preferred course of studies intensely and before starting an application.

Required CP
Analysis (e.g. Taylor series, Fourier analysis, Stokes´ theorem);<br /><br />Linear algebra (e.g. Gaussian elimination, eigenvalues, eigenvectors);<br /><br />Differential and partial differential equations;<br /><br />Complex Functions
8<br /><br /><br />8<br /><br /><br />8<br /><br />6<br /><br />Total: 30
Computer Science
Procedural Programming;<br /><br />Computer engineering;<br /><br />Project oriented programming, algorithms and data structures<br /><br />
6<br /><br />6<br /><br />6<br /><br />Total: 18
Control Theory
Control theory (time and frequency domain, first and second order systems, frequency response, root locus, Nyquist stability, PID controller)
6<br /><br /><br />Total: 6
Physics for Engineers
6<br /><br />Total: 6
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering (e.g. direct & alternating current, electronics);<br /><br />Materials in electrical engineering;<br /><br />Measurements: Methods and data processing;<br /><br />Circuit theory;<br /><br />Transmission lines;<br /><br />Signals and Systems;<br /><br />Theoretical electrical engineering;<br /><br />Semiconductor circuit design and electronic decives
12<br /><br /><br />3<br /><br />3<br /><br />6<br /><br />6<br /><br />6<br /><br />12<br /><br />6<br /><br />Total: 54