Your master studies (German language) or your international study preparation program for a Bachelor program in German language at TU Hamburg: Applications are open until January 15.

Documents for an application

Please note that incomplete applications cannot be considered. And it is possible to apply for one international Master's degree course at TUHH only! Please submit the following documents by using the uploading portal as a part of our online application facility. It is only possible to upload PDF files with a maximum of 7 MB per file. Please upload the original documents and also a translation, if necessary. If your original documents are issued in German or English a translation of a sworn translator is not required.

From  November 1, 2022 all applicants with an Indian school or university degree will need an APS certificate for the visa application and the enrollment at TUHH!!

The Academic Evaluation Centres (APS) are institutions of the German Embassies and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The APS checks the university entrance qualification and academic performance of applicants who wish to study in Germany. 

All applicants with a school or university degree from China, India or Vietnam, regardless of their nationality, need an APS certificate! Applicants from China and  Vietnam have to submit the APS certificate with the application for admission!
Applicants from India may submit the APS certificates upon enrollment - However, we strongly recommend that Indian applicants also apply for an APS certificate immediately, becuase it is compulsory for the visa appliation!
Students who are supported by German or EU-funded scholarships do not have to apply for an APS certificate.

The APS procedure will take a very long time! Therefore, although we cannot guarantee that you will be admitted by TUHH, you should definitely start applying for the APS certificate immediately. TUHH has no influence on the awarding requirements and the awarding process at the APS! The awarding of the APS certificates can also not be accelerated by TUHH!

With all other questions regarding the APS certificate, please contact the Academic Evaluation Centre in charge directly:
- Academic Evaluation Centre China:
- Academic Evaluation Centre India:
- Academic Evaluation Centre Vietnam:

Curriculum vitae / résumé   
TUHH does not require or provide any standard format for the CV. The CV must not consist of more than 2 pages.

Bachelor's degree certificate   
Bachelor's degree certificate or equivalent, including your aggregate mark or grade average. If your final degree certificate is not yet available, you need to submit an official provisional degree certificate or an official letter of your registrar, dean or academic supervisor, listing the remaining subjects and, if possible, the prospective grades as well as the prospective final grade average. We strongly recommend using this sample (page 2).

Complete university transcript of record   
Complete university transcript of record (semester mark sheets), listing your subjects and grades. If your final year transcripts are not yet available, you need to submit an official provisional transcript or an official letter of your registrar, dean or academic supervisor, listing the remaining subjects and, if possible, the prospective grades as well as the prospective final grade average.

Official explanation of the university grading system 
Official explanation of your university grading system issued by your registrar, dean, or academic supervisor, indicating at least the maximum passing grade, the minimum passing grade and the minimum passing grade for graduation.

Proof of English (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE or telc) 
Applicants whose native language is not English must submit a valid proof of proficiency in English up to the application deadline. Valid means that any certificate may not be older than two years (example: application for the winter semester 2021/2022 - the test date may not be older than March 1, 2019). The following tests will be accepted:

  • a valid TOEFL score report. The minimum TOEFL score for admission to TUHH is 90 internet-based / 577 paper-based / 22 revised paper-delivered. The TUHH institution code is 8165, a department code is not required. TUHH does only accept the internet-based, paper-based and revised paper-delivered tests! Preparation materials can be found here.
    The TOEFL ITP and the TOEFL Essentials will not be accepted by TUHH!
  • a valid IELTS-Academic score report. The minimum overall IELTS score for admission to TUHH is 6.5.
  • a valid Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English
  • a valid Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English
  • a valid “telc English C1”-result

The Master's degree courses in Mechanical Engineering and Management and Mechatronics are partly taught in German. For these courses a basic knowledge of German is strongly recommended. Anyhow a formal proof of German is not required for the application.

 This is a complete list of application documents! Any other documents (GRE e. g.) will neither be read nor considered. And please do not submit any documents by post mail.