Admission requirements

Applicants should hold a Bachelor's or equivalent degree in engineering - preferably specializing in electrical or computer engineering - and must show a very good previous academic performance as well as sufficient proficiency in English.

It is strongly recommended to do the selftest before applying for admission to the program!

You can find a list of all required documents for application here.

You can find the specific requirements for Information and Communication Systems in the next paragraph.

Specific requirements for the international Master's program

Please read the specific requirements for your preferred course of studies intensely and before starting an application.

Telecommunications, Computer Science and Engineering
Analysis, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Optimization, Discrete Mathematics
Telecommunications (e.g. field theory, antennas, communication engineering, computer networks)
Signal processing (e.g. digital signal processing, filters)
Computer Science (e.g. algorithms, formal languages, logic, computer architectures, state machines, distributed systems, embedded systems)
Enineering and Natural Science (e.g. system theory, mechanics, control theory, physics)
Required CP

For TUHH Bachelor graduates

Graduates of the following TUHH-Bachelor's programs can continue their studies in the ICS program consecutively:

  •  Computer Science (B.Sc.)
  •  Data Science (B.Sc.)
  •  Computer Science in Engineering (B.Sc.)
  •  Electrical Engineering (B.Sc.)

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