Your Bachelor's or Master's studies at TU Hamburg: Applications are open until July 15.

Semester contribution for the summer semester 2024 (April 1, 2024 - September 30, 2024)

The semester contribution consists of five components:

  1. Your contribution toward the cost of student self-administration (AStA) (incl. legal protection insurance and legal advice) amounting to €23.10
  2. Your contribution toward the cost of welfare services provided by the Studierendenwerk Hamburg amounting to €85.00
  3. Your semester ticket (valid for 6 months throughout the HVV public transportation Network) amounting to €176,40
  4. Your contribution toward the Semester Ticket hardship fund amounting to €2.50
  5. Your €50.00 contribution toward administrative expenses. All students are required by § 6a of the Hamburg Higher Education Act (HmbHG) to pay an administration contribution of €50.00 per semester as part of the semester contribution. Click here (PDF) for the legal basis. Note: If you are an exchange student here at TUHH (TUHH is not your home university) there is no need to pay this fee of €50.00.

The fee for the summer semester 2024 is therefore € 337 in all, for students who have already studied at the TUHH in the winter semester. The payment demand can be found here. Persons who start their studies at TUHH for the summer semester 2024 will find their enrollment confirmation/payment notice in the application portal.

All registered students (including students on sabbatical) must pay their semester contribution on time every semester. This means that it must be credited to the TUHH's bank account by the re-registration deadline. It is advisable to remit money in good time, especially if you would like to receive your semester documents without delay.

If you want to apply for a refund of your semester fee because, for example, you paid twice or left the university (in case you have already paid for the next semester and before receiving the new semester documents), here  (PDF) is where to find the refund application. But please note: A refund of the semester fee in a current semester, for example, when deregistration takes place in the current semester, is also excluded proportionately.