Semester Ticket

All TUHH students receive a semester ticket. With the timetable change for the winter of 2019/2020, the HVV tariff zone will be extended. Further railway lines in Lower Saxony can be used with HVV tickets from December 15, 2019.

The Hamburg semester ticket will continue to be valid in the HVV tariff rings ABCDE, but not in the new “overall area”. The imprint on the semester ticket will be changed in future to “rings A-E”. With a few exceptions, this corresponds to the previous scope.

In some outdoor areas, however, the layout of HVV tariff ring E is changing: the Dannenberg, Hitzacker and Leitstade stops as well as Soltau, Soltau Nord and Wolterdingen will be assigned to HVV tariff ring F from December 15, 2019: The semester ticket is not valid for these stations. Bremervörde and Hesedorf will be included in the HVV tariff ring E for the first time.

In certain circumstances (serious disability, absence from the university location, financial reasons, etc.) you may apply for a refund of the price of the ticket from the Hardship Fund. If a refund is granted, you must hand in the ticket to the Hardship Fund office. Please contact Studierendenwerk Hamburg.

In most cases the ticket is worth keeping and using, given that the €25.-- a month or so that the ticket costs you is soon equaled by the cost of single tickets.

The semester ticket must on no account be sealed in a plastic cover because its security features can then no longer be checked and it will no longer be valid!

Further information on the AStA home page and from the AStA itself (SBS 95, Building E, Room 0068)