Scholarships for international students

Scholarships, grants and loans for international students are available to help you fund your studies in Germany. Please note that applications for some of this funding must be made before you start studying here. Documents must be submitted in full and in time if your application is to be successful. So remember to make counseling and appraisal appointments in good time.

In addition to the funding and scholarship opportunities listed below, you can also apply for a scholarship to a variety of foundations in Germany.

Here is a selection of web addresses:


For a selection of potential scholarship providers, apply by the International Office, Mrs Janzen or the TUHH Infothek. On fundamental issues of financing your studies or in case of financial difficulties you are also welcome to contact the TUHH’s Student Counseling Center.

Grants and scholarships available at TUHH:

Financial Aid for Finalising your Degree

Who can apply:
International Students of TUHH who
...received their university entrance qualification abroad
...are about to finish their studies and graduate at TUHH within 12 month
...with a good academic record
...who are in need of financial help

Master students can only apply for financial aid for the last semester of their studies.

Sponsoring body: DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service

Scope and form of the Financial Aid:
The aid will be granted for a maximum period of 6 months.
Income through students jobs, financial support from family or spouses and other non-monetary prerequisits (e.g. rent-free accommodation) will be deducted from the full scholarship amount.

Application & Information:
Offline & paperbased. The official application form is available during the ongoing application phase. Printouts will be available at the International Office (Ms Janzen) and the general info desk (Infothek)

Application period: End of February, call with specific dates will be published here

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Assistance for financial crisis

Who can apply: International TUHH students in financial distress. Proof for the financial distress is required.

Sponsoring body: Studierendenwerk Hamburg, Diakonisches Werk Hamburg

Scope and form of the Financial Aid: lump-sum payment

Application & Information:
Beratungszentrum Studienfinanzierung
Grindelallee 9; Raum 605
Tel : 42815 5144;-5145
E-Mail :

Diakonisches Werk HH
Königstraße 54; Zi 338
22767 Hamburg
Tel.: 30 620 0382
Frau Bröker; Di 10 -15 Uhr

Zentrale Studienberatung  TUHH/ Infothek
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3; Raum 0022

Application period: all year long

merit grant / achievement allowance

Who can apply: TUHH students with good and outstanding academic performance

Sponsoring body: Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Scope and Form of the Financial Aid: Financial aid for up to 12 months

Application & Information:
Offline & paperbased. The official application form is available during the ongoing application phase. The next announcement is from July 1st until July 21st 2020.

You can download the application forms on our homepage:

Application period: April, call with specific dates will be published here

Please, turn to the TUHH International Office as well as the Student Counseling Center should you have questions concerning the financing of your studies or financial problems.

Other scholarships

International students can apply for a scholarship from numerous organisations such as DAAD, politically-affiliated foundations, religious institutions and business-related organisations. You should find out whether you are eligible for scholarships and financial aid from organisations in your home country. With the DAAD Scholarship Database, it´s easy to research various types of scholarships online. Please note, that the applications for some scholarships are only possible from your home country, prior to your study start in Germany! 

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