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eduroam CAT QR-Code As an alternative to the instructions on these pages, the eduroam CAT is available.

General Settings

WiFi name (SSID): eduroam
security: WPA2 Enterprise
legitimacy / EAP method / authentication: TTLS / EAP-TTLS
encoding: AES
anonymous identity / public identity:
CA-certificate: Root certificate DFN-Verein Community Root CA 2022
Common Name (CN) of the
user certificate: "empty"
inside legitimacy / phase 2-authentication: PAP
username / identity / inside identity: TUHH-Account (cxx0000)
password: your password
IPv4-settings: automatic (DHCP)
IPv6-settings: ignore
Proxy: none
automatically assigned DNS server: and
These settings apply only to students and staff of the TUHH. Students from other universities use the settings of their university please.
WiFi name (SSID): VPN/WEB
security: none
achievable pages: TUHH VPN with VPN-Client,
WebVPN of the TUHH [FAQ],

Note: Public network eduroam

If you are asked for the DFN-Verein Community Root CA 2022 root certificate fingerprint, please check it against:
SHA1 Fingerprint: 58:81:54:65:3F:9F:C8:5A:37:F5:79:BC:FA:CD:2B:1D:D9:10:84:EE
SHA256 Fingerprint: 3C:DC:2C:9E:9E:5A:36:CB:58:88:FD:17:96:CB:91:2F:84:62:53:B6:82:C1:B3:20:57:53:20:33:51:0C:7B:B6

If you are asked for the T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2 root certificate fingerprint, please check it against:
SHA1 fingerprint: 59:0D:2D:7D:88:4F:40:2E:61:7E:A5:62:32:17:65:CF:17:D8:94:E9
SHA256 fingerprint: 91:E2:F5:78:8D:58:10:EB:A7:BA:58:73:7D:E1:54:8A:8E:CA:CD:01:45:98:BC:0B:14:3E:04:1B:17:05:25:52

When you are asked to check the fingerprint of the server to which you give your username and password, check whether it matches one of the listed TUHH server!
DFN-Verein Community Root CA 2022 -
MD5 Fingerprint=8E:83:4C:21:04:E8:8E:8E:15:5D:FC:7A:F4:B4:C9:B9
SHA1 Fingerprint=D7:CD:3D:C5:09:8D:48:11:79:31:E2:AE:12:E3:78:ED:13:EF:F7:4D
SHA224 Fingerprint=AF:9D:74:BE:C8:84:50:68:39:C0:30:A6:B2:E0:61:05:1B:E9:B5:5C:BD:3C:50:39:38:64:76:84
SHA256 Fingerprint=06:69:0E:79:99:FB:20:A8:9C:E4:E6:1E:64:9B:C3:DE:20:ED:24:FE:96:B6:20:0E:72:4E:E2:3B:59:E6:20:84
SHA384 Fingerprint=30:39:40:66:8C:DC:57:F1:36:0D:67:10:E2:C2:67:44:EB:8A:04:F9:91:BC:52:5D:C3:62:98:49:79:B3:55:34:BA:F6:2A:AF:E4:29:40:E1:3B:90:3A:62:5F:D5:FD:27
SHA512 Fingerprint=76:90:E3:FF:67:B9:A3:A3:85:8E:EE:15:06:61:19:BA:25:7E:72:79:58:0F:BA:DA:9C:5E:97:23:B1:A3:B7:E9:16:4B:95:76:71:D8:E3:ED:22:77:4B:07:A5:35:E8:7B:46:84:09:8F:F4:58:D9:CD:B9:A9:D8:00:D5:91:5F:B3
T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2-
MD5 Fingerprint=87:02:E4:62:FB:63:33:33:03:31:85:AB:D8:03:BC:18
SHA1 Fingerprint=90:FD:58:D5:0F:3E:F8:1F:C0:B3:21:45:78:99:18:BA:11:07:B3:5D
SHA224 Fingerprint=75:D4:B1:FD:C8:FE:1A:36:27:C1:4D:41:1F:7A:ED:05:25:37:DE:A8:AB:19:94:69:80:E8:44:34
SHA256 Fingerprint=EE:9C:59:D2:8B:E9:A2:DF:21:9E:13:F4:3A:BE:8B:30:A5:4A:88:4F:D3:42:D8:84:64:4A:43:92:E4:B1:63:3A
SHA384 Fingerprint=D3:02:17:2C:01:78:5D:12:88:CE:7A:AF:94:BF:F6:DD:41:77:52:38:AD:26:4E:4B:3C:1D:8B:2A:EE:03:51:F8:E7:16:02:99:B4:5B:F9:54:7F:EE:48:96:A6:30:F0:65
SHA512 Fingerprint=47:EE:36:54:12:D8:FB:E5:EA:C3:C3:6F:BC:60:90:72:23:91:4E:7E:EF:90:AE:BD:32:8B:AB:0A:C8:1B:EE:07:FC:AB:61:AB:75:78:4A:9B:B8:71:82:C1:59:FB:57:D7:67:5D:97:9F:11:77:C3:5D:6B:97:FC:EC:D1:3F:1E:C4
show all fingerprints

Windows 10 manuell einrichten Windows 10 manuell einrichten Windows 10 manuell einrichten Windows 10 manuell einrichten
The RZ recommends to not trust the eduoram network and to use a local firewall. This is due to several hundred different wireless devices, which connect to this network. If you use a Windows operating system, please select "public network" for the eduroam SSID. We recommend using the Windwos Firewall because there are no known issues with for example the VPN client.

Windows 7:
Security eduroam 01 Security eduroam 02 Security eduroam 03

Windows 10:
Security eduroam 04 Security eduroam 05


Please make sure that your device has the latest patches installed, that you are not using more than one anti-virus program and that no "unblocker" is active.
(Unblocker are programs which can unlock content, that is blocked in one country, but not another.)

If you have questions or problems, please have a look at our help pages first. (Klick here for VPN Help)
With questions, suggestions, reports or further problems please contact our User Service Center (Helpdesk). We respond quickly to e-mails to

There will be no wifi consulting in the week from 20.06.2024 to 26.06.2024.

During the semester, the WLAN consultation will take place in E2.048 with Finn Müller and Phillip Vogel. You can find the dates here, as well as in the corridors in the E building.

The WLAN Consultiung will take place on the following dates. Further dates will be announced soon:

  • tuesdays: 10:00am - 1:00pm
  • wednesdays: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
  • thursday: 1:30pm - 4:30pm