Printing at the TUHH RZ

The printers of the computer center (List of printers) are operated according to the FollowMe principle. To hold a printout in your hand, two steps must always be taken:

  1. Send print jobs
  2. Release print jobs

Both steps are described in detail in the following paragraphs.

1. Send print jobs

In order to send print jobs, drivers must first be installed. Here you can find instructions for the different operating systems. On managed workstations, the printers may already be installed.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the TUHH campus network, i.e. via eduroam or VPN before printing.
  2. Open the document you want to print with your application and open its print menu.
  3. Choose the suitable printer. The printer names start with TUHH-..., e.g. TUHH-Default_A4-A3 bzw. TUHH-Default_A4-A3_anon
  4. Adjust your desired print options and send it. Depending on the installed variant, printing may need to be authenticated via the PaperCut Client.
  5. The TUHH print servers receive the print job and hold it for 120 minutes for you to release.
  6. Walk to a printer of your choice and release your waiting print job there, as described in the next section.

2. Release print jobs

After the jobs have been sent, go to the desired printer (List of printers) and release the print jobs there. You can use the QR codes attached to the printer or the web application to release the print job.

Release by QR-Code

Note: The QR code is either on a label on the printer or on the display. To activate the display, please click on it once.
  1. Make sure you are in front of the printer you want.
  2. Scan the QR-Code of the printer with your smartphone and login using your TUHH account:

    Example QR-Code

  3. Choose the print jobs that you want to print and click Release.
  4. Your print job will be processed. Please make sure you wait until all pages of your document are produced.

  5. Druckfreigabe mit QR-Code
    Druckfreigabe mit QR-Code

Release on the web page (e.g. for poster printing)

Plotter (Poster/CAD): Do not send copies or multi-page documents
Only send single pages to the plotters, otherwise the following pages may print incorrectly. I.e. for 4 copies the page must be sent 4x.

  1. Make sure you are in front of the printer you want.
  2. Open the web page from mobilephones and from PCs/laptops and login using your TUHH account.
  3. Choose the same printer you are in front of. You can also search it using the field Search Printer.
  4. Select the print jobs you want to print. Choose Release on the lower left.
  5. Your print jobs will be processed. Please make sure you wait until all pages of your documents are produced.
  6. Druckfreigabe in Webandwendung Druckfreigabe in Webandwendung Druckfreigabe in Webandwendung

We reserve the right to deny refunds for complications with print outs (e.g. print out is missing) that were released remotely. Please only release the print job when you are right in front of the printer! The only exception are the large format printers in the printing center in building L, here remote release via the web application is recommended.