Data Policy for the Use of the Print Management Service PaperCut at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

The printing managment service PaperCut is provided by the Computer Center (RZ). It is offered to members and affiliates of the TUHH, who possess an account.

For technical reasons, in addition to the login data, the actual print data and billing data are also required to provide the service. Deletion and anonymization periods result from the respective purposes.

The following overview shows the various data and their purposes:

Data Purposes and retention periods
Account name, first and last name, email address Data results directly from the login with the TUHH account and the need to notify the user. The print account will only be deleted after the TUHH account has expired.
Password Technically required for the login, but not permanently stored in the system itself. Verification runs directly against the Kerberos password server.
Account name, IP address, timestamp, type of printing, printing costs For reimbursement and billing. The printing costs are kept for 2 years in order to comply with the legal deadlines for objections.
Filename The file name serves as a plausibility check for monthly invoices and is anonymized after 2 months.
Print file For technical reasons, the print file is stored until it is sent to a printer. Print jobs that have not been started yet will be discarded after 120 minutes.


Further information on data protection, such as the contact details of the data protection officer and your rights as a data subject, can be found on the TUHH homepage: