SharePoint is a web application from Microsoft that simplifies organization in many projects. For example, documents can be managed or tasks coordinated via the application. Likewise, you can easily create web pages for your team yourself with SharePoint. With SharePoint 2019, the computer center provides this powerful, browser-based solution for collaboration between several people at the TUHH.

The service can be found at

The RZ can provide so-called SharePoint 2019 SiteCollections for institutes, projects and for administration. SharePoint uses the term "SiteCollection" to refer to the collection of multiple sites. "Sites" are containers of different elements, such as document libraries. The main features of such sites are full text search across all elements and comfortable and powerful document management with the ability to share Microsoft Office documents. In addition, SharePoint offers the possibility to version documents and automatically creates daily backups. 

For licensing reasons, editing documents in the browser has been disabled at TUHH. For editing, the documents have to be opened with your local office programs. 

You will receive your own SiteCollection with a standard website for independent administration of content and user rights, as shown in the following figure:

The following functions are provided:

  • Document storage
  • Version management
  • Provision of Office Online (for viewing only)
  • Wiki, calendar, appointments, sub-sites, etc.
  • Authorization management
  • Full text search Standard quota 5GB
  • System backup

To learn how to apply for a SiteCollection click here.