Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered or further problems occur, please feel free to contact us at drucken@tuhh.de.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • [faq1] My print job does not show up in PaperCut
    If you have pritined from your personal device, you may have installed the wrong printer. For printing from personal device you are most likely have to use the anonymous printing. Only use the personalized printing if you need to login to your device with your TUHH account and password.
  • [faq2] Why should I install anonymous printing?
    If you are using your private computer at TUHH, then in most cases you have to use anonymized printing, otherwise there is no connection between the uploaded print job and your TUHH account. For a successful assignment of your print job and TUHH account you hav to install the PaperCut Client. The PaperCut client establishes exactly this assignment by asking for the TUHH account and the corresponding password.
  • [faq3] I have installed anonymous printing, but my print jobs are not visible in PaperCut
    When setting up anonymous printing, in addition to installing the printers, you must also install the PaperCut Client. This is needed to assign your print jobs to your TUHH account.
    For MAC-User: Make sure that the PaperCut Client is located in the correct folder and is started. It will not start by itself.
    For Windows-User: If the PaperCut Client did not start immediately after you send the print job, please wait a moment. You may also need to send the print job again for the PaperCut Client to respond. If it still does not open, please restart your computer and send the print job again.
  • [faq4] I have installed the anonymous printing and the PaperCut client, but it does not open
    For MAC-User: You have to move the PaperCut Client after unpacking the ZIP file into the folder Programs and open it there. Since a normal opening is not possible, you have to open the file with ctrl + click.
    For Windows-User: Please restart your computer after installing the printers and PaperCut Client. This will fix the problem in most cases.
  • [faq5] The PaperCut interface does not open on my device
    If the website stau.rz.tuhh.de does not open on your device, please check your internet connection. Because a connection is only possible if you are connected to stau.rz.tuhh.de.
  • [faq6] I have released my print job online, but it is not at the printer
    Someone else may have taken your print job by mistake. To avoid this case, always release the print jobs directly on the device. This will prevent your prints from lying open on the printer. To do this, scan the QR-Code which is attached directly to the printer.
  • [faq7] I have scanned the QR code, but my prints are not displayed, although I can see them in the PaperCut interface
    If your prints are not displayed only on one printer after scanning the QR code, please press the display of the printer once. You will then hear the printer start up. If the print is still not displayed, please use another printer.
  • [faq8] How can I see my printing quota?
    You can see your printing quota on the Summary Page in PaperCut. You can reach this page at stau.rz.tuhh.de and a click on Summary or direcetly via https://stau.rz.tuhh.de/app?service=page/UserSummary.
    If you are printing from a shared account, you must click on See shared accounts on the Summary page.
  • [faq9] There is no QR-Code on my printer
    If the printer you have chosen does not have a sign with a QR code, first click on the display and check if there is one there.
    If this is not the case, please use the release via the web application (Instructions) or use another printer.
  • [faq10] I did not receive a printing quota this semester
    Since the introduction of PaperCut, the misprint quota has been abolished, as errors that occur during printing can be refunded. If you want to recharge your print quota, visit the USC, the printing center or the wifi consulting during opening hours. You can find the opening hours here: https://www.tuhh.de/rzt/en/organisation/opening-hours.html.


Your printing quota was transferred from Studidruck to PaperCut. Please release your print jobs personally in front of the printer (FollowMe Print).

If you have any questions or problems, please have a look at the instructions and FAQfirst. For further questions, suggestions and problem reports please contact drucken@tuhh.de. We will respond in a timely fashion. Furthermore you can visit the WLAN consulting during the opening hours.

During the semester, the WLAN consultation will take place in E2.048 with Finn Müller and Phillip Vogel. You can find the dates here, as well as in the corridors in the E building.

The WLAN Consultiung will take place on the following dates. Further dates will be announced soon:

  • tuesdays: 10:00am - 1:00pm
  • wednesdays: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
  • thursday: 1:30pm - 4:30pm