Identity Management

The TUHH Identity Management System (TIM) serves as the TUHH’s central user administration system. Various data sources are linked to the TIM, which can then consolidate this data into digital identities. The digital identities are assigned roles in the TIM, which determine the user’s permissions for using various target systems. The TIM provides up-to-date data to the various target systems at regular intervals.

Identity Management

The role-based permissions management allows processes to be automated and allows the university to comply with legal regulations.

All TUHH students and faculty get a TIM account. TIM accounts are automatically created and renewed for students.

Faculty and members of the various institutes, work groups and service areas can apply for an account by contacting the IT-Officer of the TUHH (DVB) for their respective department. There are a number of different roles that can be assigned to these users. TUHH faculty accounts are automatically renewed once they have been setup.

More information for IT-Officer (DVB)