Wi-Fi / Wireless Service of TUHH

The Computer Center provides the two wireless networks VPN/WEB and eduroam for research and teaching. The VPN/WEB is primarily used to set up eduroam, which is available at many other university institutions (map). eduroam is a portmanteau of the two words education and roaming.

The instructions

  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Other
  • eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool
eduroam CAT QR-Code As an alternative to the instructions on these pages, the eduroam CAT is available.

Information SSID: VPN/WEB SSID: eduroam Downloads Troubleshooting


(with TUHH account)
From the TUHH You have access to the
  • internet and
  • the intranet of the TUHH
Access to the internet only with a VPN
  • if eduroam does not work
Access to
From other universities You have access to the internet over the guest network;
with a VPN-client you get access to the intranet of the TUHH
usually not available


Here's the Wi-Fi presentation of the bridge course:

and a Wi-Fi Booklet.


Here you can find the TUHH Wifi flyer. This includes the Wifi booklet(read, print), as well as indivdual instructions for Android(app, manuel), Apple and eduroamCAT.


Please make sure that your device has the latest patches installed, that you are not using more than one anti-virus program and that no "unblocker" is active.
(Unblocker are programs which can unlock content, that is blocked in one country, but not another.)

If you have questions or problems, please have a look at our help pages first. (Klick here for VPN Help)
With questions, suggestions, reports or further problems please contact our User Service Center (Helpdesk). We respond quickly to e-mails to servicedesk@tuhh.de.

During the semester, the WLAN consultation will take place with Jelisa Bonsen and Phillip Vogel in E2.048. You can find the dates here, as well as in the corridors in the E building.

  • wednesdays: 14:00 - 17:00
  • thursday: 12:00 - 15:00