Manual Set Up

These settings only apply to students and employees of the TUHH. Students of other universities please use the settings of their university, also with us at the TUHH.

Existing settings can be edited by long pressing the "eduroam" network name, when the network is in range in the wireless settings. This allows you to update your password (or certificate, domain and anonymous identity as part of the network change) without having to re-enter anything else.
  1. We recommend to install the certificate:
    1. Please connect to the internet. Use your Wi-Fi at home or connect to "VPN/WEB" at the TUHH.
    2. If a window with the webvpn opens automatically, please close it. Then open the webvpn in the web browser of your choice at: and log in.
    3. Click on WLAN-Service der TUHH and then on manual setup for all versions under Android.
    4. Download the "Root Certificate DFN-Verein Community Root CA 2022" onto your device.
    5. Use the following settings to install the certificate:
      • Certificate name: DFN-Verein Community Root CA 2022
      • Credential use: Wi-Fi
    6. Detailed instructions on how to install the certificate on Android can be found here:

    If the certificate cannot be downloaded or the message This certificate is already installed. appears, please use the Google Chrome web browser to download the certificate file.
    Firefoy has its own certificate management and the sign-in overlay for WEB/VPN on Android 7 and up doesn't allow downloads.
    If the message Couldn't install because the certificate file couldn't be read. appears, a standard apllication for this certificate cannot be found. Go to Menu ⇒ Settings ⇒ Wi-Fi ⇒ Additional Settings ⇒ Install certificate ⇒ Downloads ⇒ "dfn-verein_community_root_ca_2022.pem" or
    Menu ⇒ Settings ⇒ Security ⇒ Install certificate from SD card ⇒ Downloads ⇒ "dfn-verein_community_root_ca_2022.pem" and continue as described above.
    The following message may pop up:
    The credential storage is used to store login information. To prevent unauthorized access to the storage a screen unlock pattern, PIN, password, or biometric feature is required.
    For your security, the datacenter recommends that you set up a lockout screen to install the root certificate and verify it in eduroam.
  2. Open the wireless settings (Menu; ⇒ Settings ⇒ Wi-Fi).
  3. Activate the wireless adapter.
  4. If there already is a profile for eduroam present, then please delete this. To do so, tap and hold "eduroam" and choose "Forget network".
  5. Choose eduroam from the list of available networks.
  6. Proceed with the following settings:
    • EAP method: "TTLS"
    • Phase 2 authentification: "PAP"
    • CA certificate: "DFN-Verein Community Root CA 2022", s. section 1
    • Domain:
    • Identity: RZ Username
    • Anonymous identity: ""
    • Password: RZ password
  7. Close the eduroam settings with a click on "Connect".
    Schließen Sie die eduroam-Einstellungen mit einem Klick auf "Verbinden".
⇒ Flyer

The MAC address randomization features as Default affects the Wi-Fi experience.

Please pay attention to the following settings:
Apple: Wi-Fi > eduroam > Private Wi-Fi-Adress > disable with slider > ignore privacy warning
Android: Wi-Fi > eduroam > Show more > MAC-Adresstyp > Phone MAC

More Information

You can find a summary as a flyer for printing at the WLAN entry page.

The subpages Information, SSID: VPN/WEB and SSID: eduroam give the interested reader even more background knowledge.

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Please make sure that your device has the latest patches installed, that you are not using more than one anti-virus program and that no "unblocker" is active.
(Unblocker are programs which can unlock content, that is blocked in one country, but not another.)

If you have questions or problems, please have a look at our help pages first. (Klick here for VPN Help)
With questions, suggestions, reports or further problems please contact our User Service Center (Helpdesk). We respond quickly to e-mails to

In the non-lecture period, the WLAN consultation will take place with Finn Müller and Phillip Vogel in E2.047/E2.048. You can find the dates here, as well as in the corridors in the E building.

  • tuesdays: 10:00 - 13:00
  • thursdays: 10:00 - 13:00