The WWW-Server of the RZ for the TUHH

General information

All TU facilities that cannot or do not want to operate their own WWW server, as well as all employees and students, can use a web server operated centrally by the data center. During use, a distinction must be made between personal homepages and pages of workspaces and other facilities.

Websites of the institutes

WWW pages for institutes and other institutions are created in a separate directory structure, which will deleted when the accounts administering expire. A prerequisite for the establishment of an institute directory is the agreement of the head of the institute or the IT representative.

To create the necessary directory structures, please send an email to the data center service desk.

The URL is{institute}, with {institute} meaning the identifier of the institute.

Modern solutions

Institutes can also use the content management system TYPO3 or the blog system WordPress, which are offered and maintained centrally by the computer centre.

As a rule, these are probably the better alternative to static websites.

Personal Homepages

Personal homepages are always linked to an account. The account owner is responsible for the content. With the expiration of the account the WWW pages are deleted.

  • According to the order of the President dated 15.04.2003, the homepages stored on the TUHH servers may only be written in German and in English.
  • The Technical University of Hamburg and the computer centre assume no responsibility for the content of "personal homepages".
  • In accordance with the Telemedia Act (TMG), our own homepages are not subject to constant control. Personal homepages may not use the layout of the university or the relevant institute or central area to distinguish them from official TUHH WWW pages.    To encourage initiative and creativity, we pursue a liberal network policy. Nevertheless, we take the observance of nettiquette for granted.
  • If you have any indications of commercial use of university resources or suspect legal violations, please contact the data center's ServiceDesk. We will investigate the evidence and take appropriate action against the apparent misuse of university resources.

Web Server Software

The Apache server is used as server software.


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