What is Scan-To-TU-Cloud?

At several locations, the large multifunctional devices (List of Printers) can also be used for scanning and copying in addition to print release. To be able to use these functions, you must log on to the device display.

Logging on to the device

In idle mode, the display shows information such as the QR code for print approval. Tapping on Login offers two options for logging in to the device:

User name and password

Login with TUHH account name and Kerberos password

ID number

Login with TUHH account name and PaperCut PIN


Overview of the functions

The multifunction devices offer the following functions:

Print release

The waiting print jobs are displayed and can be released (=printed). Settings such as single or double-sided printing can be changed.


Documents can be inserted via the stack feeder at the top of the device and then copied. Billing takes place via the credit balance of the print account.


Documents can be inserted via the stack feeder at the top of the device or as a single page on the scan field. Settings regarding quality, desired file format, etc. can still be selected. The scans are stored in the TU Cloud, scanning to a USB stick is not possible.

Account selection

This point is only of interest to employees. Although the print account used cannot be changed, the currently linked print account is displayed, including the current account balance.


Scan Options

The two images show the possible options and their default settings. Certain things, such as the file name, are fixed for technical reasons, but can be changed after transfer to the cloud.

The scanned documents are automatically stored in a folder named scans in your personal TU Cloud.

Copy Options

A number of options can be set for the copying process. Billing takes place via the print account with the normal prices for b/w + color.