High Performance Computing at TUHH-RZ

The TUHH, computing center operates a central high-performance computer.

The cluster is available for all scientist from TUHH and other Universities from Hamburg in batch mode.

Standard applications are pre-installed, specific software can be built on request.

In late summer 2023, TUHH-RZ will receive a new HPC cluster and subsitute most of its hardware.

The data center cannot host both HPC clusters at the same time, so a downtime is required for some weeks starting from 16.10.2023. Please consider this when planning your compute-intensive projects.

The file servers for /work will be decommissioned as well and their data cannot be migrated directly to the new cluster. Please prepare for moving any relevant data from your /work-directory to your institute/workstation before the announced downtime.

Inactive accounts that have not logged into the HPC since the end of January will be deactivated when the new hardware is installed.
In the future, only personal accounts will have access to the HPC.