VPN Service

The instructions

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  • Android
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Change of the VPN

In a soft migration the TUHH updates its VPN. In addition to the new Cisco AnyConnect 4, the WebVPN has also been updated. We are using this changeover to do justice to the name change of the TUHH. If you as an Android or Linux user set the gateway manually, please update it now!
  Old: New:
Gateway: casg.rz.tu-harburg.de any1.rz.tuhh.de
CA-Certificate: Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2 T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2


For accessing the Wi-Fi from within the TUHH and the LAN of the TUHH from other Internet Providers, the RZT is hosting a VPN server. VPN is an acronym for "Virtual Private Network" and means that an encrypted connection between two points can be established (your device with VPN functionality and VPN server of TUHH). 

The access works via IPSec (IP Security) and the authentication via Radius server. Because of these methods, the connection to the VPN server is completely encrypted and the user is identified. The new IP adress, which the VPN server is issuing, is contained in the IP address space of the TUHH ( You can hereby reach the network of the TUHH over an encrypted tunnel.



This way you can use all services, which are offered within the LAN of the TUHH (sometimes called "Intranet"):

  • Accessing TUHH computers, which are not reachable throught the internet (s. "Internet-Firewall")
  • secured Access to the "Intranet"
  • Access to library services ("digital library") and useful software

Because of technical reasons some disadvantages may occure:

  • high computing effort resulting in shorter battery life
  • latency → no gaming or video conferences

Regardless of whether you are connecting through an internet provider or over the Wi-Fi of the TUHH, the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client is needed. At the notebook workspaces in the RZ, the usage of the VPN Client is mandatory as well. An alternative for PDAs is the WebVPN service of the VPN server. Through eduroam, you can also establish a connection at other universities.


Please make sure that your device has the latest patches installed, that you are not using more than one anti-virus program and that no "unblocker" is active.
(Unblocker are programs which can unlock content, that is blocked in one country, but not another.)

If you have questions or problems, please have a look at our help pages first. (Klick here for VPN Help)
With questions, suggestions, reports or further problems please contact our User Service Center (Helpdesk). We respond quickly to e-mails to servicedesk@tuhh.de.

During the semester, the WLAN consultation will take place with Jelisa Bonsen and Phillip Vogel in E2.048. You can find the dates here, as well as in the corridors in the E building.

  • wednesdays: 14:00 - 17:00
  • thursday: 12:00 - 15:00